Andrew Fernie


  • Company Director 15+ years
  • Leader of multiple successful businesses in the International Supply Chain space.
  • Strong skills in IS / Operations / Logistics
  • Proven in unique positioning and product to market strategy
  • Proven in formulating business plans
  • Proven Global Leadership
  • Strong background in government legislation
  • Experienced in growing a Business from Concept to Comerciallisation
  • Successful in Managing Human Resources
  • Creation and development of specialised IS systems and solutions
  • Strong background in finance and administration.
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George Garth


  • 7+ years as General Manager of a successful Supply Chain Management firm designing and automating the supply chains of leading Australian brands and the world’s biggest exporter.
  • Experience as Company Director and Business Owner
  • Project Lead on a number of large IT integration projects across multiple platforms, businesses, and countries.
  • Project and Design Lead for the on-going development of supply chain integration platform and customer portal.
  • Proven in new business development
  • Proven in nurturing and growing commercial relationships
  • Proven in developing and executing business plans
  • Strong management and leadership skills and experienced in mentoring and motivating team members
  • Strong background in financial modeling, forecasting, BI tools and dashboards
  • Strong background in contract negotiation and leasing
  • Bach. Business (Business Information Systems) RMIT
  • Completed Introduction to Environmental Science – DartmouthX, Dartmouth College
prokinetics australia

Gawin Fernando


  • Completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing at Monash University
  • More than 13 years of retail and business to business sales experience
  • Recipient of various accolades at the retail level of Vodafone Hutchison Australia including their National ‘Hero’ Award
  • 4 years of experience as General Manager
  • 6 years of experience in international logistics on a consulting level
  • Assisting in the growth of importers and exporter’s business by exercising international relationships to provide key country compliance advice
  • Representative for Australia and Pro Kinetics at various International Freight conferences
  • Recipient of a number of Freight Forwarding awards representing Pro Kinetics including:
  • WWPC Excellence Award (2014),
  • WWPC Quantum Elite Award (2015),
  • WWPC Quantum Elite Award (2016)
  • Specialties include leading and energizing teams, cross-cultural networking and amplifying the levels of customer satisfaction
Monash University
WWPC - worldwide project construction

James Redman


  • Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Honours in Finance)
  • 13 years real estate experience including:
    • Due Diligence
    • Development
    • Investment
    • Equity & Debt Finance
    • Construction
  • 8 years private equity experience including:
    • Due Diligence,
    • Private lending
    • Investment
    • Strategic Management
  • Work at ANZ, Macquarie Group, and private HNW family office
  • Licensed Domestic Builder

Tobi Skovron


  • Proven Entrepreneur & Visionary for 15+ years
  • Multiple Previous Successful Exits
  • Winner of Australian Entrepreneur of the Year Under the Age of 30 (2008)
  • Winner of Multiple Product(s) of the Year (2006 + 2008 + 2015)
  • Proven Global Leadership (2004 – Current)
  • Proven in Formulating Business Plans,
  • Proven in Unique Positioning & Product-To-Market Strategy.
  • Proven in Creating World Class User Experiences & Products
  • Experienced in Leading, Motivating & Mentoring Team Members
  • Experienced in Growing a Business from Concept to Commercialization
  • 3 Successful Exits
Creative Cube - petloo
Pet Safe -
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Jack Iglicki


  • 45+ years in business
  • Grew M.Recht Accessories it to be the LARGEST distributor of clothing accessories in Austral-Asia.
  • Worked with & supplied all MAJOR clothing brands with our products
  • Grew SoCraft Bridal to be the dominant supplier in its industry
  • Pride myself on first class customer service
  • Proven in new business development
  • Proven in Leadership
  • Proven in executing business plans
  • Coach & mentor to multiple businesses and leaders in Melbourne
  • Strong management skills
  • Experienced in financial reporting
  • Strong background in contract negotiation
  • Experienced in property development and construction
  • People orientated
  • Goal focused
  • Owner & operator of Maccabi Squash Club (hobby & passion of mine)
Maccabi Australia