All users of a Co Working Space (whether they be official Members, Casuals or Guests) (collectively referred to as “Users”) must adhere to the following set of community standards. We use definitions found in our Terms and Conditions (available at:  ) in this Code of Conduct.

1. As Users will find themselves working in close proximity to other Users, Users must take all reasonable steps not to disrupt those Users including doing the following: a. Speaking at appropriate volume levels; b. Engaging for social purposes in Common Rooms not at work desks; c. Listening to music through the use of personal headphones; d. Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene including use of deodorant if necessary; and e. Not acting in another manner which we deem offensive, disruptive, unreasonable or undesirable.

2. Users must use Common Rooms in a respectful manner to other Users. This includes cleaning up after use, doing dishes, treating equipment with respect and storing food in fridges for appropriate times. The Happiness Team carry out weekly ‘purges’ of perishable items set out in the Commons Rooms, fridges, cupboards and other similar facilities so please ensure you remove any perishable items you wish to keep before the close of Trading Hours on Fridays.

3. Users may not affix, attach or display materials on walls unless in designated areas or as otherwise approved in advance by us.

4. We expect Users to use a Co Working Space in an eco-friendly manner at all times by recycling packaging, paper and other materials and taking other reasonable steps to reduce a Co Working Space’s impact on the environment.

5. CreativeCubes.Co is an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory and safe workplace. We will not tolerate any User who acts in a disrespectful, discriminatory, aggressive, offensive, dangerous or other anti-social manner.

6. Users are not permitted to drink alcohol at a Co Working Space unless in designated areas as directed by us or at special events. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated smoking zones.

7. The use of illegal substances at a Co Working Space is strictly prohibited as is any User engaging in any illegal, hazardous or dangerous conduct or activities.

8. Subject at all times to any Policies implemented by us regarding pets at a Co Working Space, only Private Members may bring their pets to the Co Working Space and they must keep their pets in their Private Offices at all times.

9. Users must follow procedures and other Policies implemented by us regarding the use of Meeting Rooms.

10. Users must follow procedures and other Policies implemented by us regarding the use of Internet at a Co Working Space.

11. Users must act with discretion when developing business opportunities at a Co Working Space. It is not acceptable for Users to solicit or interfere with other Users’ clients whilst they are visiting a Co Working Space. Users must comply in full with the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) when working at a Co Working Space.

12. Users must interact with each other in a positive, collaborative and friendly manner.

Last updated 13 September 2018