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With Our Sophisticated Technology Environment

In this day in age, employers are navigating a more complex work environment and with that comes a necessity for a sophisticated and reliable technological infrastructure in order to make the office a greater source of efficiencies, collaboration and innovation.

Since inception, CreativeCubes.Co has adopted trailblazing IT solutions to suit the needs of freelancers, SMB's, enterprises and everyone in between. Our technology environment has proven to support various IT challenges and specific requirements for the thousands of members with varying needs across our properties.

We are able to assure you network privacy and security for any device, hardware and software you're needing to connect to. Better yet, you can say a warm goodbye to the days of dealing with internet and power providers, maintaining a server room, managing networks and dealing with niggly IT issues. We'll take care of that as you just connect, run your business and do your thing. Simple!


Out of The Box

Bottom line, connecting to the CreativeCubes.Co network is as simple as entering your unique username and password and voila, you can get to work! In the background however, there's a bunch of advanced systems working together, driving our seamless IT experience for members and allowing them to benefit from the ever evolving changes in technology.

With 1 Gbps upload and download speeds, our well configured custom network effectively manages constantly shifting groups of diverse tenants with varying bandwidth requirements. You can be assured that as soon as you walk through the doors at CreativeCubes.Co, whatever your device, you'll be online, no waiting around getting connected!

Authentication on our network spans across all of our sites so once you are a member at one site you are a member at all and your swipe access card, WIFI credentials and printing access will be immediately available to you when you enter any of our locations.

Additionally our guest network is available to any of your visitors should they require internet access when onsite.

We have also invested in a secondary redundant internet line in which our servers automatically jump to if there were ever to be an outage. The best bit? You won't even notice a changeover, so no slow wifi induced meltdowns!

From day 1, a highly secure network has been paramount to our tech infrastructure. Our advanced firewall, switch and comms rooms are diligently monitored, protecting our members against malware and cyber attacks, tech outages and surges. In addition to this, all our members are isolated on their own VLAN for security and privacy ensuring your intellectual property is secure and for your eyes only!



As work becomes more mobile and digital, many companies are ditching the clunky desk phones and opting to transition to a superior soft phone system.

Connecting calls via a computer or mobile phone, you're able to place voice calls over the internet rather than a regular phone line. Soft-phones are becoming increasingly popular among dispersed teams, offering a better customer experience when managing inbound calls and allowing visibility on how much time you're spending on calls.

CreativeCubes.Co utilises this technology internally and can support you and your team to seamlessly transition over to a soft-phone system with any existing landlines, 1300, 1800 numbers can easily be redirected with your ISP or telco.


Access & VPN

Outside In:
Upon request, we can provide secure remote access into the CreativeCubes.Co network so you’re able to access those devices on your VLAN.

Inside Out:
We are also able to set up server side VPN rules for those that may need to connect back to their head office network or require additional secure network storage.

For members requiring an added layer of privacy, we are able to arrange an independent internet line with a separate ISP.


At one time or another, we've hit CTRL + P and sprinted to the printer so no one sees what you're printing. You can rest assured those days are long gone at CreativeCubes.Co! Our high quality colour laser printers require authentication so only you can release your documents using the same swipe access card to get into the building.

Should your business have unique printing needs, we are also able to accomodate members who want to bring their own printers onsite. These printers can be connected via WiFi or ethernet to our network and we will register the device against your company's VLAN ensuring strict security.


Device & Servers

Many CreativeCubes.Co members work with large files, which when relying on the cloud, can be cumbersome and a time waster. As a solution, we’re able to support shared hard drive’s, mini servers, NAS or other storage devices for members.

We can securely attach the storage device to your VLAN ensuring security and private access for your team.

Other Devices

You can finesse your office space with smart TVs, Google Assistant, Apple TV, speakers and more - whatever it is, our technology infrastructure is structured in such a way that makes it easy for our members to run their business in our space, and look good while doing it!

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