Pandemic Proof Your Business

Alleviate the financial burden of a traditional office lease and opt for flex, combining all the elements of running an office; furniture & decor, security, utilities and internet, bundling them in one monthly rate so as to not put a significant dent in your businesses budget.

Reduce Administration Costs

The CreativeCubes.Co Happiness Team provides six-star service, taking care of office administration, events and everything in between. 

Build intrapreneurship in your organisations

Bask in a paradise of like-minded innovators across various locations. CreativeCubes.Co spaces have been designed to drive innovation and collaboration. 

Enterprise IT Solutions

CreativeCubes.Co’s technology stack has proven to support various IT challenges and specific requirements for the thousands of members with varying needs across our properties.

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Happiness At Work

The end of fixed workplace attendance has unlocked productivity, growth and personal creativity. CreativeCubes.Co is here to assist businesses in moving forward into an agile,supportive and successful workplace, on their terms.


Check out how Tryzens has been able to build happiness at work by choosing CreativeCubes.Co

Commercial Office Space Solutions

Private Office

Your own, secure private office with all the benefits of our vibrant space

Full-Floor Office

Configure your own floor with branding, meeting rooms, executive offices, common areas and amenities.


A tailored workspace to suit your company’s specific needs.