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How Tenants Interact With + Value Their Workplace Has Changed!

We are a dynamic hospitality company activating commercial real estate that enhances asset value.

CreativeCubes.Co is a hospitality company – an activation layer that operates on commercial real estate activating commercial assets with energy, buzz, strong retention and loyalty.

In our time we’ve been building dynamic alliances with property owners and real estate developers as we elevate the value of their assets by opening new avenues for tenant and business engagement. On one side of the equation our innovative solutions grant tenants effortless access to spaces, reducing risk and hassle that leads to securing a superior financial yield compared to conventional commercial leases on the other side (for you, the asset owner).

The exciting part is in a post pandemic world this trend isn’t slowing down and this new world acknowledges that commercial real estate is not merely about providing physical space but is increasingly about creating vibrant environments that inspire collaboration, creativity, and innovation. 

The demand for such transformative spaces is reshaping the commercial real estate market, challenging landlords and asset owners to reassess their approach to leasing and property management and that’s where we come in!

Companies we serve in our spaces.

Why Partner With Us?

We provide captivating environments intricately designed with a focus on detailed precision, firmly believing that transformative design is crucial for enhancing the well-being and productivity of our members (and space users). We do this end to end from identifying the space, precinct, entire building(s) all the way through to design, construction, furnishings, fixtures, technology so that end user engagement and membership experiences are second to none.

Real Estate & Hospitality Technology Solutions

We have built a tailor-made comprehensive management platform designed to streamline the entire process of flexible space management. It empowers the seamless expansion of new sites on a large scale, prioritising uniformity, dependability, and adaptability.

By Partnering With Us We:


  • By working together and leveraging our complementary skills and expertise, we believe we can create even more value for you.
  • We can compliment your building  & support your existing tenants by delivering even more value to their tenancy
  • We play our role in helping our landlords secure bigger leases knowing that we are their as a supporting amenity
  • We help our members and community thrive who grow into larger groups and organisations looking for segregated office space which allows us to either hand the opportunity over to a stand-a-lone lease or continue to consume more NLA ourselves which increases revenue to our landlords and partners.


  • We pride ourselves on being THE BEST! High-performance & service + the best unit economics in the industry and a track record of successful execution to validate.

We work with multiple institutional landlords & large developers as well as the independent property owner in a deep meaningful partnership leaning on our values and world-class operations.

We are always looking to drive as much value as we can to our landlord partners as well as members seeking spaces all over the country. We’d be interested in learning more about your property to see if it’s a match and a way for us to build a long term strategic relationship together.

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