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The Booming Era of Change

We’re currently experiencing change at the fastest rate of change in history. But it’s also the slowest that we’ll experience for the rest of our lives. It’s exciting, but it can also be a bit scary. At the same time, we’re facing into some of the most challenging market conditions to operate in while also figuring things out like hybrid working and the flexibility frontier, the impacts of generative AI, the re-skilling revolution, and a reframe around employee attraction and loyalty. We’re moving at an unprecedented pace that we’re evolutionarily not equipped to deal with. And while that can paralyse some, sitting still is no longer an option and incremental step change just won’t cut it.

The most successful organisations and leaders are the ones that keep one eye on today and another on tomorrow. That’s where we come in. We’re are committed to supporting organisations to navigate through this complexity, with a track record of realising the opportunity.

Gain the clarity and structure needed to navigate complexity, align key executives, and spark progress.

Let us be your starting point for bringing your team and momentum to the ever-evolving landscape of work.

We’ll work together to help transform your business, propelling you towards the extraordinary

We provide a range of services that are all designed to help make your company future-fit. Our core services include:

  • Organisational strategy
  • Business planning
  • Workforce strategy and planning
  • Future of Work strategy
  • HR diagnostic
  • Competitor analysis
  • Evidence-based research
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Scenario planning

We’re committed to working alongside you to build your organisational and workforce capability too. Our Chief Futurist, Dr Ben Hamer is a certified foresight practitioner and has developed a range of training programmes that we can deliver, including:

  • ‘How to think like a Futurist’, including applying the methodology for futures thinking to everyday work
  • ‘The Future of Work, today’, which is all about understanding the trends facing organisations and how to you can respond 
  • ‘Leading in the Future of Work’, including how to manage in hybrid, lead high performing teams, and embed new ways of working

We’re experts in creating magical workplaces, whether that’s in the design of the floorplan through to optimising the use of space to suit the needs of workers. And this has changed a lot, especially with the role of the office shifting to being more about connection and collaboration. We’ll help you earn the commute of your workers so they really want to come in, rather than feeling like they have to, by advising on all aspects from the physical layout and choice of furniture through to how new ways of working can be established to make the most of it. We can think big and broad by doing a workspace audit, or we can focus on a specific topic, like doing space utilisation assessment to better inform major property decisions.

With a broad range of experience across a whole heap of different topics in this space, we’re positioned to support you with your biggest challenges. Reach out to let us know where you’d like some help, whether it be developing an Employee Value Proposition, designing a new ways of working handbook, or offering leadership coaching and everything in between

Our People

Our Future of Work practice is headed by our Chief Futurist, Dr Ben Hamer, who was recently awarded the #1 Voice for the Future of Work in Asia Pacific and in the Top 10 globally. Ben is an accredited futurist, having undertaken work and research around the world, which included time spent working at the World Economic Forum and as a Visiting Scholar at Yale University. He is an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University and a Board Member for the Australian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’s history. A sought after media commentator, Ben is the host of PwC’s Future of Work podcast and the author of The Kickass Career: How to succeed in the Future of Work, today

It’s complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Get your Future of Work journey underway with one of our immersive programs.


Ignite momentum within your organisation with our immersive full-day workshop designed to enhance future literacy, tackle current challenges, and explore opportunities in the Future of Work. 

Its here, your team will develop a roadmap of prioritised activities supported by a set of agreed-upon principles. Gain the clarity and structure needed to navigate complexity, align key executives, and spark progress. 

Let us be your starting point for bringing your team and momentum to the ever-evolving landscape of work.


Embark on a transformative four-week sprint that delves deep into your organisation’s Future of Work maturity. Our comprehensive approach includes a thorough assessment of your current state, culminating in a set of strategic recommendations. 

This solution is tailor-made for organisations with a top-down commitment to tackling the future of work but seek guidance on the execution. 

With a focus on building future-fit capabilities, our sprint will meaningfully accelerate your Future of Work agenda. Let us guide you on the path to success in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

Our Tools

We have our own proprietary Future of Work tools to provide structure, benchmarking analysis, and a frame of reference, as well as a diagnostic tool that offers an assessment of where your strong points are, as well as where you’re underdeveloped, when it comes to the Future of Work. We use these tools when advising clients to make sure we come from a clear evidence base with data-informed decisions that lead to clear, practical, and measurable outcomes.

Immerse Yourself

At CreativeCubes, we not only provide leading advisory capability on the Future of Work – we live it through our spaces too. Underpinned by the CreativeCubes.Co DNA, which is all about building belonging and happiness at work, our workspaces provide all the ingredients for your dream work environment.

Live the Future of Work today and reach out to try out one of our offices for yourself.

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