All users of a Co Working Space (whether they be official Members, Casuals or Guests) (collectively referred to as “Users”) must adhere to the following set of rules regarding use of shared facilities at our Co Working Spaces (the “Fair Use Policy”). We use definitions found in our Terms and Conditions (available at: in this Fair Use Policy.

1. Users must consider others when using shared facilities at a Co Working Space including booking Meeting Rooms, using the Internet, kitchen facilities and other Common Areas (“Shared Facilities”).

2. We encourage our Users to get the most they can out of the Shared Facilities at our Co Working Space. However, if we find that a User is abusing these privileges or restricting another User’s ability to use and enjoy any Shared Facilities at a Co Working Space, we reserve the right to reduce or otherwise limit that User’s use or enjoyment of those Shared Facilities.

3. We are entitled to implement systems to manage Users’ use of the Internet at our Co Working Spaces to ensure that Internet speed is fast such as restricting or slowing down Users’ use of certain websites such as video downloading sites.

4. We reserve the right to refuse bookings for Meeting Rooms in our discretion, during busy periods or from Users that repeatedly fail to show up to bookings or those who continually cancel bookings on short notice. We want to create a big happy community and we expect our Users to be a part of this mission. If you do not understand our mission or have questions about the above, please get in touch with the Happiness Team.

5. Impact on Other Users: While we encourage all Users to maximise their experience within our Co Working Spaces, we reserve the right to evaluate and manage access for any Guest, Casual, or Member whose actions pose a risk of negatively impacting other Users’ ability to utilise and enjoy the Shared Facilities. This includes but is not limited to activities that disrupt the working environment, compromise safety, or violate the principles of our community. In such cases, we may, at our discretion, limit or decline access to Shared Facilities for the concerned User to ensure a harmonious and productive atmosphere for all.

Last Updated 13 September 2022