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Flexible Office Space

Replace the burden and risk of a traditional office lease with the agility and cost savings of flexible office space.  Distribute your workforce across several prestige locations, scale up and down as required and focus on running your business rather than your office. Rock up, plug in and elevate your brand, people & culture to the next level.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

Save money on your office expenses by taking advantage of new accounting practices.

Effective from 2019, International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16 will change the accounting practices for occupiers of real estate, eliminating off-balance sheet reporting and requiring them to recognise most leases on balance sheets as liabilities.

Since any lease obligation of less than 12 months is exempted and can still be booked as an expense, the latest realestate market research reporting expects more occupiers to increasingly look for shorter term leases and increase their use of flexible space.

Enjoy Prestigious Locations

Position your business at premium business locations without the price tag of a conventional office.

Make life easier for your staff, partners and clients with multiple private and public transport options within city reach.

Never run out of new coffee or lunch spots for those all important sales meetings and staff celebrations.

Focus On Running Your Business

Grow your business by focusing your efforts away from the every day admin, worries and unnecessary expense of running your own office.

Immerse yourself into a unique and unmatched experience with clean, bright, vibrant workspaces where everything is looked after for you.

Benefit from the power of community, health, wellness, fuel & mindfulness to help elevate your brand, people & culture taking them to the next level.