Google My Business

The perfect platform to showcase your business on Google.

Many business owners are aware of the power of Google My Business to help them

- Be found on Google for your business name
- Provide potential customers with information to help influence their decisions
- Gain positive reviews and feedback online
- Communicate your address and contact information

But what not all business owners realise is:

- The positive & negative power that these listings can have on a business
- The ability to optimise your GMB listings to expand your Google visibility
- The location targeting options available from GMB
- How quality photos and images in GMB can help win more customers
- The frustration that potential customers can feel when provided incorrect information.
- New GMB features that can get you ahead of your competitors
- Show off your office to more people

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ROI (Cubes Member) in conjunction with us are offering you the chance to Showcase your Digital Move by providing a seamless and strategic Digital Move, utilising Google My Business, we can put you in a fantastic position to effectively:

- Communicate your new location & contact details fast with no downtime
- Improve your Google rankings & get in front of potential customers.
- Look good & stand out through the presentation of updated images & content.
- Generate new business through effective communication, look, feel, contact details & google rankings!
- Empower you! Learn best practice for generating reviews, responding, adding new info & business details such as photos etc…

Investment is $695 + GST

Note CreativeCubes.Co has negotiated this price down for its members and makes $0.00 commission or fees on this referral.

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Q:  Can’t I just do it myself?

A: Yes! You certainly can, but with an experienced team behind you, you negate the potential issues that can arise from this not being a priority for your business and more importantly, you can optimise the listing and get it performing better than ever before!

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