Yes We have Office Space, BUT We Actually See Ourselves More In The People Business.

When a company dedicates time to cultivating a unique culture, one which supports its people, through trust, appreciation, personal and professional development, it sees return on investment that surpasses any monetary gain. It has the power to motivate employees to do the right thing, not the easy thing, leading to customer retention, brand recognition, higher profitability and higher productivity to name a few.

CreativeCubes.Co believe it’s important to provide something more than a place to come each day; office space may be our bread and butter but at the centre is our people, our biggest investment. We are honoured to have this acknowledged by winning the Great Place To Work Award, a global recognition program based on a rigorous methodology and validated employee feedback. They have been recognising the best places to work in Australia for the past 14 years, helping businesses attract the best talent, build brand recognition and secure a competitive advantage.

This award affirms our belief in our team being the heartbeat of our spaces. From our Happiness Team to Finance, they are connectors, listeners and doers, intuitively in sync with the needs of our members keeping them going with mind-blowing service. Each and everyone within CreativeCubes.Co has embraced work as a relationship and is dedicated to preserving its essence through times of growth… and a global pandemic!

Our team consistently strives for 6 star service and their dedication is evident in their natural abilities to build authentic and genuine connections with every guest that comes through our doors whether they’re here for a day or a lifetime. Creating a feel-good community is at the forefront of their mind as they are able to build rapport and make a great impact in someone’s day through a single interaction.

CreativeCubes.Co is all because of its people and we’re proud to wear this award as a badge of honour.

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