This Pet Policy outlines our rules for bringing, caring for, and supervising pets in our Coworking Space.

We believe that pets can foster a friendlier and happier workplace. They’re fun, playful and can have positive influence on our work. However, we want to make sure that animals won’t disrupt our operations, damage property or cause medical issues to other Members. It is a condition of your Membership that you read and abide by this Pet Policy.

(Where you see terms in capitals, they are defined in the Coworking Space Terms and Conditions which apply to your membership.)

Eligibility to bring a pet to work

Members who own domesticated dogs or fish can choose to bring them to the Coworking Space provided that the Member obtains the prior written approval of the CreativeCubes.Co Happiness Team.

The CreativeCubes.Co Happiness Team will provide approval where:

– The pet is a domesticated dog, or fish;

– The Member has a private office or has the written agreement of all other Members occupying their office (which can be revoked by those Members at any time);

– The Member provides documentation proving that the pet is up-to-date with all recommended vaccinations;

– The pet is toilet trained, clean and free of parasites;

– If a dog, the pet is kept on a lead in all public areas of the Coworking Space;

– The pet is not taken into any area of a Coworking Space where food is prepared or served; and

– Unless the pet is a fish, the pet is not left unattended at any time.

CreativeCubes.Co reserves the right to request payment of a bond as a condition of granting approval. The bond will be applied towards the cost of repair or replacement of property damaged by the pet and the balance will be refunded within seven (7) business days of the Member giving notice to the Happiness Team by email that they have ceased to bring their pet to the Coworking Space.

CreativeCubes.Co may revoke any approval given under this Pet Policy in its absolute discretion, without needing to give prior notice, where one of the above conditions of approval ceases to be met or where the “Housekeeping” rules below are not complied with. Any bond paid by the Member will be refunded within seven (7) business days of CreativeCubes.Co revoking its approval.

Nothing in this Pet Policy restricts or limits the legal rights of a visually impaired Member to bring a seeing eye dog onto a Coworking Space.

Damage caused by pets by bringing a pet into a Coworking Space, the Member agrees to pay for the actual cost of cleaning, repair or replacement (as required) of any part of the Coworking Space or any property belonging to CreativeCubes.Co or a third party which is soiled, damaged or destroyed by their pet.


Members must clean up after their pets and are solely responsible for their pet’s behavior and Well-being. They should supervise their pets whilst on CreativeCubes.Co property and know their location at all times. More specifically, Member must ensure that their pet doesn’t:

● Make a mess

● Fight with other pets

● Wander outside the Member’s office

● Endanger itself

● Damage the Coworking Space, property belonging to CreativeCubes.Co or any third party

● Annoy staff, Members, Casuals or Guests (e.g. by barking constantly, climbing on their desks).

Failure to ensure the above is carried out properly will result in your pet unable to return to CreativeCubes.Co, no exceptions. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Happiness Team!