A Quick Round Up From Our CEO

It was an exhilarating couple of nights @ CreativeCubes.Co Richmond + Hawthorn.

20 startups (thanks to MYOB) now have 12 months rent FREE to develop, pivot & grow their ideas in market.

I’m super proud of the partnership we have Kristen + Basil. The support you continually give to the Australian startup eco-system is developing some world-class talent and commercial ideas and that is a massive positive impact.

Thanks to Judy, Siddharth + @Alex at Start Up VIC who motivated their massively large community to show up and pitch. I love and value the partnership we have with SUV and the way we create and develop out of the box (Cube) ideas to further people and the economy.

Lastly to those who won (25 desks in total across both our Hawthorn + Richmond locations) it’s time to jump off the cliff (metaphorically) learn how to build the rocket on the way down and then fly.

Lets Go!

– Tobi –

MYOB Hawthorn Winners

- Our Walls
- Dog Share
- Tap Squire
- Legally Yours
- Your Career Down Under
- Travelling Tradies
- Video Why

MYOB Richmond Winners

- Tomorrow Man
- Elephant Ed
- Prevention United
- EyeCura
- Tie Up Farming
- The Therapist Co.