JOB TITLE: Client Experience All Rounder
JOB TYPE: Casual
LOCATION: CreativeCubes.Co
SUPERVISOR/MANAGER: Shardae Mazzeo – Chief of Staff / Elishia Siomos – People and Culture

You will welcome members and guests into our space by understanding their unique stories and
needs, you will own the experience to create WOW moments and memories they will carry with them
far beyond their time at CreativeCubes.Co. As part of your role you will be required to:

  • Customer Success Manager ensuring member experience is a five star experience
  • Creating a work environment that promotes teamwork, recognition and mutual respect
  • Administer member platforms, respond to queries and assist members
  • Conduct general cleanliness of the space, and ensure space standards are in accordance to
    the CreativeCubes.Co experience
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and service providers for the
    coworking space
  • Maintains general facility management tasks, and oversees the inventory of the space,
    performing general daily tasks for the operation of the space (unloading and loading
    dishwasher, meeting room cleanliness, etc)
  • Assist MicDrop Team operations of events on your locations whilst ensuring Venue
    assistance and client expectations are met
  • Handle hand over from Event Sales, Work with customer to confirm requirements and needs
  • Coordinate inductions with customer and appropriate staff
  • Arrange room setup and clean and other contractors
  • Ensure successful execution of event on event day with the onsite assistance from the
    MicDrop Team
  • Inductions \ Training for all new members of the space
  • Member Events & Networking ensuring community engagement is at a 4.5 or higher
  • Assist with tech, operational, maintenance tasks as well as member on-boarding and


Who We Are

Many companies come to us because they need office space, coworking, meeting rooms & event
spaces but actually stay long term because of the culture we foster. We are the home of many small,
medium and enterprise businesses that operate out of our buildings. We pride ourselves on being a
first-class facility and caring about what we do.

CreativeCubes.Co has unique environments with a focus on outstanding customer experience,
creating wow moments for our members and an uplifting culture. Making up a workplace which
improves the world of work. We’re a workplace that puts culture first. We are striving to make us the
world’s leading office space & culture workplace.

Strategic impact: The Principal Engineer acts as a “chief architect” for one or more areas of our
technical ecosystem. You will offer significant strategic vision and can take a high-level 3-5 year plan
for growth at a business level and work with camp leadership to translate that into a strategic
technology roadmap.

Technical Expertise: When presented with a complex problem, process, or existing system, you can
reduce its complexity to get more done with less work. Working with our tech leads to provide
technical guidance across multiple teams. Your technical guidance will mean team members working
with you will feel like they are going to leave with something significantly better than they arrived
with and have learnt something along the way.


What You Bring To The Team

As someone who is passionate about customer service, you will bring your love, and skills with people which will deliver positive communications experiences to everyone you deal with. You will also support the Happiness Team vision which is heavily centred around Member Experience. You are the type of person that:

  • Previous customer service experience
  • Has the Ability to deal with constant change and maintain high motivation
  • Responsible for monitoring customer service standards
  • Can easily empower a team to naturally find solutions
  • Exceptional time & task management is a must
  • Team Player and a “whateverit takes” attitude
  • Great Attention to Detail
  • Confident with advanced communication skills
  • Demonstrated track record of performance in a similar role in a fast-paced environment
  • Embodies CreativeCubes.Co Values and finds looking after members exciting and stimulating by all means, including email, overthe phone, and face to face support
  • Naturally engages with coworking members
  • Comfortable with performing general daily tasks for the operation of the space
  • An appreciation for start-ups and community
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and ability to thrive in a fast paced, hard working environment