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Here Is What We Have Done To Keep You & Your Team Safe

CovidSafe Plan

As per government requirements CreativeCubes.Co has developed its own COVIDSafe Plan and has implemented these procedures throughout our organisation. The key elements with respect to members can be found here below.

All members are expected to have completed their COVIDSafe Plan as per government recommendations in the context of their own businesses.

No doubt you will require information from CreativeCubes.Co to incorporate into your own plans.If there is anything you require in addition to the info below please contact us at [email protected]

DHHS Inspections (Vic. Dept of Health & Human Services)

DHHS attended our site in Hawthorn in Oct 2020 and were comfortable with the procedures we had in place and were comfortable with our COVIDSafe Plan. DHHS provided some recommendations which we have since addressed across all sites.

DHHS inspections will likely be a regular occurrence in the coming weeks which CreativeCubes.Co welcomes to ensure we are adhering to the highest standards.

Please ensure your COVIDSafe Plan is up to date and available in the case of an inspection and ensure all directions from CreativeCubes.Co are being followed by all staff.

Health Policy

Our strict Health Policy remains in place indefinitely across all sites.

We ask that all members and guests consider the below questions and their health before leaving their home.

Following advice from the Department of Health and to ensure the safety of our team & community from please answer these three questions before you enter our space:

#1 Have you returned from overseas in the last 14 days?

#2 Have you been in contact with anyone who:

– Has been overseas in the last 14 days?

– Is suspected or confirmed to have Coronavirus?

#3 Are you feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms OR if you have a temperature over 37.5c 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please do not attend or enter CreativeCubes.Co and seek medical advice.


CreativeCubes.Co will continue to align its face mask policy with the recommendations of the DHHS.

Face masks are no longer mandatory in the office. It is also recommended that you wear a face mask in other situations when you are unable to stay more than 1.5 metres from other people.

Please ensure you have your face mask with you at all times and be courteous and understanding of other members of the community.

Please let the Happiness Team know if you have a medical exemption.

Arrival Onsite & Check In

A fixed temperature check device is available at the front desk and fixed devices are being installed at all entrances.

Guests and non-members will be required to confirm they have read and accept our T&Cs and Health Policy before arriving onsite.

Guests and non-members will be required to check in at the front desk and we will require confirmation of full name, number and email. This is an important requirement for contact tracing.

Doors will be accessible from the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Outside of these hours doors will remain locked (swipe accessible).

It is the responsibility of members to ensure guests are checked in before entering the site if the desk is unattended.

Physical & Social Distancing

Please refer to:

Please follow all signs and government recommendations and be courteous of all fellow members.

Personal Hygiene Items

Throughout the space you will be able to find Hand Sanitiser, Wipes and Spray.

These are to be used regularly in high touch areas, such as microwaves, toasters, sandwich press, fridge etc.

Utilize hand sanitiser and wash hands regularly.

Wipe down high touch areas after each use.


CovidSafe Cleaning will continue indefinitely.

Keeping our community safe while enabling members to continue to run their businesses is of paramount importance to us. Please reach out to the Happiness Team if you have any particular requirements here.

We have extended our cleaning hours as well as introduced a cleaner onsite during the day.

Out team will continue to to focus on high touch point areas including: 

Bathroom doors and door handles.

Bathroom basins, all stainless-steel areas, taps and tap fittings

Bathroom hand paper holders.

Plastic rubbish bins including lid.

Fridge and mini fridge doors including door handles and buttons.

Microwave inside and out including buttons.

Kettle and toasters.

Kitchen benches, tables and chairs.

Reception desk, bench and tablet’s touch up screen.

Clean and sanitise all shared tables and desks.

Meeting room’s table, chairs, whiteboard and equipment controls.

Printers and scanners.

Tablet’s touch screens.

Doors and door handles.

Light switches.

Lift buttons.

Emergency Exit buttons.


You will find a number of signs around the space with instructions pertaining to Meeting Rooms, Event Space & Studio, Reception, Cafe, 1.5m social distancing and other health + hygiene policies

Please be mindful of and follow guidelines on all signage around the space.


Showers are accessible, however, towels will not be available until Jan 2021. Members are asked to bring their own towels in the interim.

Please wash your hand thoroughly.


Kitchen items including cutlery and crockery are available to members in the community kitchen.

Boiling, chilled and sparkling water available on tap in all kitchens. Members are encouraged to bring their own water bottles where appropriate.

Meeting Rooms

All meeting rooms to be booked via the members portal by Members and Non-Members.

Non-members and guests must confirm our T&Cs and Health Policy before commuting to CreativeCubes.Co and must check in on arrival.

Meeting room information available on the members portal and via signage at each room.

Please be courteous with start and end time to provide fellow members the ability to comfortably use the space.

Please wipe down high touch surfaces where appropriate.

More information will be provided soon on utilizing the members portal for registering and checking in guests.

Capacity Monitoring

Our team continuously monitors capacity and attendance at each site to ensure all members are able to comfortably utilize the space.

Day Passes

Day Passes for non-members are available to be purchased.

All Day-Pass users must confirm our T&Cs, abide by our Health Policy and check in at the front desk on arrival.

Inviting Guests Onsite

All guests must be registered on the members portal in order to be invited onsite.

All meeting room guests must be invited via the meeting room booking system before being invited onsite. This is an important requirement for contact tracing.

The guest invite and booking confirmation will include important information and updates about the site.

More information will be provided soon on utilising the members portal for registering and checking in guests.

Escalation Urgent Notice

If you have been diagnosed with a positive case of COVID-19 or have been a close contact of anyone with a positive case please immediately contact George Garth (Head of Operations) – e: [email protected] M: +61 488 100 202

Please note; your details will be kept confidential, however it is imperative that we are notified for contact tracing.

Happiness Team & Onsite Hours

Staff will be onsite from the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Our staff policy is that anyone who feels unwell or has flu-like symptoms must remain home and seek further advice.

Our staff receive regular updates and training with respect to COVID response, government regulations and infection control.


Our cafe hours have been extended from Jan 2021. Please check with the cafe or Happiness Team for operating hours.

Our online ordering system will be launched to enable members to order and pay for items online for collection at the counter.

Events, Event Space and Studio Space

Events will be held at the discretion of CreativeCubes.Co management and strictly limited to the density quotient provided by Vic. Government.

The event organiser will be required to carry out a number of tasks with respect to registering guests in advance, temperature checks and ensuring hand sanitisation.

Full Members may book the event space for use where meeting rooms do not accommodate the size of the group. These will be charged at a member rate on the members account. Meeting Room credits can not be utilised in this case due to the cleaning requirements here.

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