What Is CreativeCubes.Co?

CreativeCubes.Co is a dynamic and exciting, co-working hub from which you can base your company’s operations.

We converts buildings into collaborative communities with workspaces & services which provide a platform for you to build your business!

Our spaces are a well-thought out balance of communal work desks, private desks and private offices, connected via shared spaces, break-out lounge areas and private meeting rooms such as a ‘Hustle Room’ for getting down to serious business.

Whether you need a desk, private office or a place for your company to call home. Our environments increase productivity, innovation & collaboration.

What Does CreativeCubes.Co Offer?

All you need to do is bring your own device, plug in & focus on what you do best…We’ll take care of the rest!

We are a full turn key solution providing everything Convenient and flexible lease terms in a private space (fully furnished, meeting rooms, guest reception, super fast internet access, Courier and Postal mail receipt, fully equipped kitchen / lounge, print, scan, fax facilities, maintenance and utilities included, 24×7 access)

What Is The Minimum Commitment I Need To Make To Join CreativeCubes.Co?

Stay as long or as little as you need. You can decide how much space you require. Explore our memberships to see what suits you best

What Does Membership At CreativeCubes.Co Include?

We offer 4 tiers of membership & each have a very specific offer > Explore our memberships to see what suits you best

  • Virtual Cubes
  • Meeting Cubes
  • Collaborative Cubes
  • Dedicated Cubes
  • Private Cubes

What Is A Virtual Cube?

A Virtual Cube has high value to your company’s commercial presence as it has the same benefits of a full time office location without the cost.

Learn more about Virtual Cubes here

What Is A Meeting Cubes?

Do you need a meeting space? Our meeting cubes are the perfect location and setup for exactly that. Tailored by the hour, half day, full day or week!

Learn more about Meeting Cubes here

What Is A Collaborative Cube?

An open-plan work environment that encourages collaboration to drive growth with other members of the CreativeCubes.Co community.

In this environment you can plug & play into a desk, sit on beanbags, use a standup desk or lounge on the couch (or all four in the same day) all whilst having the ability to connect, share, and network into a pool of highly skilled, creative professionals that make up CreativeCubes.Co community.

Learn more about Collaborative Cubes here

What Is A Dedicated Cube?

Take the pressure off working at home or trying to find a table at your favorite café. Come and work from CreativeCubes.Co with a dedicated space – an open environment with a collaborative vibe & access to your own personal desk 24×7.

Whether you’re there solo, in a small-group, or a large team, CreativeCubes.Co provides unique spaces and business services for every work style.

Learn more about Dedicated Cubes here

Cremorne VIC or Richmond VIC?

If you travel down Church St, away from South Yarra the left side of the street is a suburb called Cremorne affecteonality known as Silicon Block. The right side of the street all the way up to Swan St is Richmond.

Technically we’re in Cremorne @ 534 Church St but to make things easier on for those who aren’t truly local to the area we also say we’re @ 534 Chruch St, Richmond VIC 3121.

What Is A Private Cube?

Private Cubes are so much more than just an office space, or a physical business address for your company. We offer a full turnkey solution that allows you to simply plug in and power away in the privacy of your own office!

First class services, merged with first class facilities & business solutions all tailored to suit your needs allowing you to focus your time & energy on growing and managing your business.

Built for 1 to 8 person teams / expand & contract at a moments notice!

Learn more about Private Cubes here

What Is CreativeCubes.Co Mission?

We convert buildings into collaborative communities with workspaces & services which provide a platform for people to build their business!

What Is CreativeCubes.Co Social Mission?

We aspire to run CreativeCubes.Co in  a way that initiates innovation to improve the quality of communities we are directly and indirectly  involved with!

I Am Interested In Converting My Building Into A CreativeCubes.Co Property!

We are always expanding and would be interested in learning more about your property to see if it’s a match and a way for us to build a long term strategic relationship together.

For more detailed information, check out our partner page

What Is AccelerateX?

So many people have ideas but few know how to execute their vision… AccelerateX facilitates that process with a deep team of professionals that have been there and done it multiple times in every aspect of business. We aim to optimize your investment by accelerating the time, complexity and challenges you would ordinarily face without us. In all aspects we’ll work along side the founder(s) and their team(s) to maximize results & our goal is to assist you with every step you take and are focused on being with you for the long haul.

Why Co-Working? When I can work from a coffee shop?

Coffee shops have long been the answer for freelancers and flexi timers who’ve found home offices wanting. The problem is they don’t always have the printers, plug points and other facilities you need to get the job done.

Enter CreativeCubes.Co: a lease-free, fully-equipped office that rents work space via different membership plans.

Why Co-Working? When I can work from home?

Working at home in your PJs sounds like a dream … until the loneliness sets it.

It can also be difficult to knuckle down and get to work when you’re only commuting from your bed to the couch / kitchen table / spare bedroom. Without clear-cut office hours, there’s no automatic switch off come 5pm and work can easily spill into your down time.

The Future of Work

Much ado surrounds the hot topic of the future of work. Coworking spaces are popping up all over Australia and New Zealand and have become the future of work in terms of how companies are engaging spaces as a service verses traditional bricks and mortar

Gone are the days where you need to invest tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in a work environment for your business. The co-working concept is a disruption to the traditional office space and it’s not just desks and chairs, its becoming a full, end-to-end concierge service.

Agile working is the new frontier for companies. Deskmag, The Coworking Magazine, reports their global survey of members revealed 71% experienced a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space whilst 62% said their standard of work had improved.

CreativeCubes.Co Helps De-stress Your Work Life

@ CreativeCubes>Co our spaces aren’t stuffy and formal like an office can be.

Instead we offer a relaxing and less intimidating atmosphere, which of course means less stress and more time to focus – without the demands of typical office life.

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Why CreativeCubes.Co?

CreativeCubes.Co is a first class & world-class community bringing together diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, large corporations and other independent professionals in a Australia’s best locations and built out creative atmospheres.

Essentially everything you need & want under one roof. If you weren’t really interested in taking our word for it when it comes to having your business flourish in the spaces and communities we build, research conducted by Harvard Business Review shows that co-working offices actually helps workers thrive.

Give Yourself a Change of Scenery!

If you currently work from home or don’t yet have a base for your company (or perhaps you don’t need one), one of the most obvious advantages at CreativeCubes.Co’s spaces provides is a simple change of scenery – with a professional atmosphere.

Our members can get through more work than they would if they were at home, without feeling totally isolated.

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5 Reasons a CreativeCubes.Co Makes Sense

  1. Facilities & service are the best in Australia
  2. Flexible + cost effective
  3. Network + community on a whole new level
  4. Plenty of business-based advice available from the community of professionals
  5. Grow and contract as your business does

HELP - I'm Struggling to Create Boundaries Between Work + Home?

Multiple studies show that people who use co-working spaces report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale, which is at least a point higher than the average for employees who do their jobs in regular offices.

Becoming a member at CreativeCubes.Co also helps you to establish a routine, which is important when it comes to productivity. It can be as simple as getting up, getting dressed and having somewhere to go that subliminally tells your brain to get into work mode. This is one of hundreds of examples to help you draw clear and important boundaries between home and work life.

Benefits of Agile Working

Agile working adds flexibility to all types of organisations at multiple levels.

Additional data by Deskmag and Deskwanted (a global network of coworking spaces and shared offices) show that 74% of members are more productive operating out of a coworking space, 86% have a larger business network and 93% have a bigger social network.

Whether you need a desk, private office or a place for your company to call home. Our environments increase productivity, innovation & collaboration.

What Areas Of Expertise Does AccelerateX Offer?

AccelerateX immerses itself in your business and provides deep knowledge, insight, coaching & direction. More detail can be found here

I Need To Surround Myself With People That Want To Win!

One of the biggest advantages of working from and being a member of CreativeCubes.Co is the network that you tap into.

You’re sitting among like-minded people, connecting & chatting to them all day. The collision of these great minds drives both yours and other members businesses to new heights.

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CreativeCubes.Co Perks?

  • Meeting rooms on site,
  • Refreshments,
  • Private kitchens (always handy when you are working to a deadline),
  • Storage space,
  • lightning WiFi.

When you add it all up, becoming a member @ CreativeCubes.Co is a no brainer, especially when you compare it to renting.

CreativeCubes.Co Saves You Money!

Working from CreativeCubes.Co is no doubt cheaper than renting office space.

Learn more about our benefits

Wellness In The Work Space

Another paradigm shift in workplace requirements is the move towards wellness, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Wellness in the workplace is encouraging a healthy state of mind and we do that in a bunch of different ways.

To support this, we offer yoga and meditation classes just to name a few, curated by our wellness arm Rebel Monk.

Some companies operating in our space are high velocity and high intensity. The teams are under incredible amounts of pressure and having a suite of options available to them is important to our overall value.