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Serviced offices, Coworking, & shared office space are seeing increased demand from businesses looking to relocate from traditional office space (fixed term lease + fit out expenses) to flexible spaces with favourable terms tailored to suit.  

Our spaces allow expansion and contraction in a moment’s notice suiting your business in real-time. This maximises a companies operational efficiencies and ensures working capital is not being tied up and a drain on your ability to execute.

In the wake of the C-19 storm we’re supporting companies that have reviewed their workplace strategy by either replacing or complimenting fixed leased office space with flexible office space.

Here's How We Can Support You

Future of Work

Companies of all sizes will not be looking to lock themselves into long term leases with large upfront capital requirements for bonds and fit out that serve little to no value to their organisations operations… The realisation to companies today is that it’s a poor use of their working capital to do so and even more painful when there is a downturn and liabilities could hamstring the company.

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Continuity Plan
Business continuity planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during execution of disaster recovery. This may also include long term flexible remote preferences for their employees beyond working from home (as for the vast majority it is not an option).

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WFH Transition
Working from home certainly has its benefits but for some it’ll wear thin very quickly on your mental health & some really just can’t work from home as they have children, flatmates, or technical barriers. 

If you’re looking to take the next step with your company, grow it here at CreativeCubes.Co where you can feel supported, inspired & stimulated in a world-class professional community designed to help you thrive.

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Flex Office

We have multiple locations and office space for 1 all the way to 500 and everything in between which serve companies of all sizes including:

  • Large Corporates
  • SMB / SME
  • Startups
  • Side Hustles 

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Turn Key
At CreativeCubes.Co our corporate members’ views on flexible workspace solutions are changing; initially they saw our space(s) exclusively for entrepreneurs and start-ups, yet more and more corporates are realising the growing need for greater workplace flexibility. This has led more SMB, SME & large corporations to reside within our flexible private offices for some, or all, of their space needs.

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Disaster Recovery
We have supported companies as part of their disaster recovery by quickly and seamlessly plugging them into our infrastructure giving them complete flexibility in the way they choose to operate in rapid timing.

We’re even geared up to simply handle all of your office operational needs on a permanent basis so you can simply slim down, lean out and focus 100% of your time on running your business. 

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