Lighten Your Balance Sheet

Effective from 2019, International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16 will change the accounting practices for occupiers of real estate, eliminating off-balance sheet reporting and requiring them to recognise most leases on balance sheets as liabilities.

Since any lease obligation of less than 12 months is exempted and can still be booked as an expense, the latest realestate market research reporting expects more occupiers to increasingly look for shorter term leases and increase their use of flexible space.

That’s where we come in;

We convert buildings into collaborative communities adding a rich culture layer to our workspaces & services which provide a platform for all to build their business!

We have invested heavily to deliver a unique and unmatched experience which enables companies of all sizes to simply immerse themselves into.

We understand the power of community, health, wellness, fuel & mindfulness to help elevate your brand, people & culture taking them to the next level


Attract & Retain The Best Talent

There is an increasing importance being placed on employee satisfaction to attract and retain the best talent. Our focus has resulted in new organisational methods as well as consideration to the fitting and layout quality of spaces offered.

From your  perspective, flexible workspaces are a way for you to secure space as needed and optimise your objectives.

At CreativeCubes.Co our corporate members’ views on flexible workspace solutions are changing; initially they saw our space(s) exclusively for entrepreneurs and start-ups, yet more and more corporates are realising the growing need for greater workplace flexibility. This has lead more SMB, SME & large corporations to reside within our coworking spaces for some, or all, of their space needs.

With the great success stories coming from our community, this trend is anticipated to accelerate, with many larger businesses seeking to decrease their exposure to long-term leases, and staff insisting on more flexible workplace options.

The imminent IFRS 16 new leases accounting standard, which came into effect from January 2019 is the icing on the cake as organisations look for ways to take leases off their balance sheets.


World Class Community

We are the home of many small, medium and enterprise businesses that operate out of our facility on daily, weekly, monthly and long-term basis. We pride ourselves on being a first-class facility and all you need to do is bring your own device, plug in & focus on what you do best… We’ll take care of the rest!

Mind Blowing Events

We run a wide range of events throughout each and every month. From fireside chats with elite leaders to breakfast & lunch educational events, access is free so long as you’re a member.

Incredible Network

Elite business owners & brands reside here – You’re surrounding yourself with likeminded professionals with deep connections nationally & globally. This simply does not exist in other environments

Plug & Play + Save!

  • Access To An Entire Network
  • Access To Multiple Buildings
  • No Space Constraint(s)
  • Grow & Contract Seamlessly (Total Flexibility)
  • Enterprise Grade Connectivity
  • World-Class A Grade Spaces
  • World-Class A Grade Facilities
  • Concierge On Site (Happiness Team)
  • 6 Star Experience In Every Department
  • Fit Out Included
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