I’ve purchased 20 tickets to the Startup Grind Conference to GIVE AWAY FOR FREE.

Check out the video below. Tag + Share + Like and tell us why (in the comment section) you and your team need the tickets!

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Startup Grind (powered by Google for Entrepreneurs) will host Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘must-attend’ conference for entrepreneurs in Melbourne, Australia for ‘APAC’ presented by MYOB. Two-massive days of learning, being inspired and getting connected from the world’s best founders and innovators. .

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  • Bryce chee says:

    Hey Toni! Bryce the Founder of Voy here, we help friends copy holiday plans. My co-founder Satoshi and I are really passionate about the problem we’re solving and getting to startup grind would be really good for us to learn and connect with those that would be interested in our vision.

  • Dan says:

    Hey Tobi, my brother and I are super keen to get along to StartUp Grind conf. We are looking at getting our social enterprise idea up off the ground and searching for a bit on inspiration and a chat to like minded people! Would be great to score a couple of tickets. Looks like you guys are doing some great things, hope the Hawthorn launch is going well. Cheers!

  • Tobi Skovron says:

    2 tix coming up 🙂

  • Mathew Zacharia says:

    Hi Toby,

    Great work on your YouTube channel and inspiring words. I have just started subscribing to your channel. I work as a Project Manager for a major Telco; but looking to start something new. I am looking to meet like minded people to learn and be motivated.

    I would be grateful if you could send me two tickets for me and my colleague. Thanks in advance !!

  • Hi Tobi,

    It’s great what you’re doing here – giving people who may not have the means the opportunity to attend the conference.

    I’m also considering going … though haven’t decided yet… so sitting on the fence right now.

    These conferences are a great place to meet like minded people — who all want to make a difference.
    I guess it also gets you out of your current environment … and that’s probably where most of the new ideas come from.

    As they say… old ways won’t open new doors.

    We all need a bit of inspiration in our lives … and conferences are a great place to get it.

  • Sebastian says:

    Hey Tobi,

    I am a entrepreneurship student at Swinburne university who along with another business student just started a delivery business called QuickFix. We are trying to make a campus oriented delivery system (similar to the uber model) which gives all its delivery fees to its student deliverers. Our team is new to this start up game and would love any opportunity to get better and improve our skills. A ticket to this event would be a great help to furthering our knowledge in how to better identify and serve our customers needs. I hope it not to late and that theirs at least a ticket left!


    • Tobi Skovron says:

      Hey Sebastian,

      I’m a huge fan of Swinburn University (we have a CreativeCubes.Co – Hawthorn location too) and like you an entrepreneur.

      Congrats on your business, getting started is a huge milestone!

      Unfortunately i’m out of tickets… please keep paying close attention to my Twitter handle and other vlogs i’m doing as i’m always looking to give opportunities away to those in need

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