This is an incredible story of Matt Rogers.

Matt, finished school & went to study Law at University. After six months decided it wasn’t for him and elected to take 12 months off.

During his time off, Matt started writing books and within a very short amount of time he went to #1 on Amazon.

In fact, he’s done that 11 times over!!!!

  • 173,000 books sold
  • 66,000,000 pages read (Amazon pays him by the page read).
  • He has a legitimate fan base


He’s only 20!

Can’t wait for you to watch this one…. enjoy the vlog 🙂

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  • Raelene Templeman says:

    Have known Matt for years. He is an exceptionally caring, bright and passionate.
    So happy that he has found a career that he is not only brilliant at but loves.
    Watching his amazing Amazon journey has made me so proud.
    Should be more people like him

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