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Its that time of the month… Gavin and I are back with all the venture news!

This month we shine a light on:

🏆 Victoria’s startup ecosystem

🧐 Fundraises few and far between

🎟️ Events being back

🎙️ The Contrarians Podcast with Adam + Adir

📰 David Swan and The Australian Top 100 Innovators 🙌

📱 iPhone15 + iOS17

and we’d never not talk about Elon and things going on at Tesla


Tobi Skovron and Gavin Appel spearhead our monthly vlog – a must-watch for those seeking insights into the local startup and VC sphere.
Captivating audiences with their infectious enthusiasm for the startup and venture capital landscape, Tobi and Gavin unpack the latest trends and events.
The vlog consistently delivers high-quality, engaging content, covering everything from fundraising, M&A, product launches, new venture funds, and more. Tobi and Gavin rapidly explore each topic, while making complex concepts accessible.
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Gavin is the Founder and CEO of Ignition Lane, where he advises founders and leaders growing tech companies. He has 25 years of experience in the technology industry across startups, corporates and venture capital. Gavin was a founding VC Partner at Square Peg, an SVP of Product and Technology at Experian, and was one of the first employees and CTO at Hitwise – a venture-backed startup that was acquired for US$240m in 2007.
Tobi is the CEO and co-founder of CreativeCubes.Co, and has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience across Australia and the U.S.

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