A few weeks back I was honoured by Jayden Williams & Tom Phillips to join them on their Boardroom Podcast.

Jayden & Tom have grown the Boardroom Podcast significantly over time. They’ve done it on the belief that industry leaders can educate the world and so they take their listeners on a series of engaging podcasts discussing the journey of and lessons learnt from many insightful guests with a focus on having real and authentic conversations.

It was pretty awesome to go on their podcast but if you haven’t realised by now I’m not one that likes to take so I wanted to reciprocate and ask them if they’d like to join me on the vlog.

Below is the vlog, they came over to CreativeCubes.Co Hawthorn and we had a pretty cool time hanging out.

If you’re not already following them on FaceBook,  Instagram or Twitter <<< I’ve hyperlinked them so you can join the conversation

Enjoy the vlog 🙂

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