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In our time we’ve seen a lot of members start their business at home, spend a couple days a week on day passes, grow and move onto a collaborative membership, grow a little more and move into our coworking space and then hire talent to then transition to one of our private offices.

As they’ve grown and their needs and office space requirements have changed we’ve supported them all the way with the dozens of solutions to configure space to suit their needs.

Right now, globally we are experiencing the largest test of “working from home” in history and this evolution of working will test organisations processes, policies and practices. Working from home certainly has its benefits but for some it’ll wear thin very quickly on your mental health & some really just can’t work from home as they have children, flatmates, or technical barriers.

If you’re looking to take the next step with your company, grow it here at CreativeCubes.Co where you can feel supported, inspired & stimulated in a world-class professional community designed to help you thrive.

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