The consequences of hustling can create a mental burnout.

If you don’t have this un-squashable, wildly optimistic and the light that shines within. Being on a venture, can be isolating, it can be lonely and if you’re not surrounded by the right people. It could definitely lean someone towards the not so healthy.

Running a venture, being an entrepreneur, being on a relentless mission is equally as exhilarating as it is dangerous.

Building your business doesn’t have to be a lonely path. Which was a major reason as to why we launched CreativeCubes.Co

By creating a place for ALL people we have helped with:

  • Building mental resilience
  • Creating a connected community
  • Developing a safe environment
  • Supportive space
  • Eat healthily
  • Engaging exercise & wellness programs
  • Elevating people & their company

On today’s vlog James Shadrach comes from behind the camera (yes, he’s my team mate and videographer) to ask me some of the burning questions he had around mental burnout and mental health.

Enjoy this one… I hope it resonates 🙌

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