Turn Boring Business Into Good

Who knew that the life of a printing machine can generate 200-400 kg of pasta.

In the last 12 months, over 20 tonnes of food (mostly pasta) have been given to the neediest.

Meet Michael Foldi, Founder of ‘Make A Difference Office Machines‘.
The profits generated with their printers are being leveraged for Melbourne’s biggest food charities.

How do they do this?
They turn boring business expenses like photocopies and printers and turn them into palettes of food for charity.

I am inspired.
Really inspired by their social spirit and entrepreneurial heart.

I reeled in George who’s head of finance here  @CreativeCubes.Co to meet Michael…. watch how this unfolds

Social responsibility isn’t a latest fad.
It’s an action worth taking.

Enjoy this vlog 🙂

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