Failure Is A Failure If You Stop

Failures are not failures, they are lessons because there is so much you can learn from those experiences.

What you need to do is take those lessons and continue to execute beyond.

Continue to move forward.

Don’t stop.

And if you have a business willed with purpose it makes a difference.

I personally wake up with purpose hoping to be the tide that helps all boats rise!

No matter the cost of the hit. Failure happens when you accept that loss and stop

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Failure is only failure if you stop.

Failure is not failure if you learn from the lesson. Take those learnings and continue to execute beyond.

I’ve got some friends that literally make billions of dollars every year. Literally billions. Not millions, not tens of millions, not hundreds of millions, but billions.

And they wake up, every day, and just go through process and motion. They don’t wake up with purpose.

Then you’ve got me on the other side who’s made some money. I’m not going to lie about it. Right now I’m literally living paycheque to paycheque and people don’t appreciate that. People don’t understand that.

Because I’m literally throwing everything I’ve got at this venture. Everything.

And I know that if this doesn’t become a success, then I’ll learn something pretty prolific about this venture that will then become something bigger and better.

That said, this is going to be successful, right. We’re well on our way. The impact that we’re making, money just can’t buy that sort of shit.

I’m deep into this. I’m throwing everything I’ve got at it. But I wake up every day with purpose, and so for that it’s totally worth it.

And, I wasn’t looking for it. I’ve just got it, right.

I’m motivated.

I’m inspired.

I’m hungry to fuck to take action, right.

And, so, I asked Sim ‘who would you rather be filthy rich with no purpose, or dirt poor with total purpose? and I think her answer was ‘do you have to be so extreme?’

But the reality is that I live with purpose man, and that is super fulfilling and one day there will be a pot of gold and there will be liquid and there will be success in the eye of the viewer but, very much like the petsafe days when I was overpaid and underworked, it was very hard to get up every day.

Now, 4:44 every morning it’s not a challenge to get out of bed. I’m sort of awake five minutes before, you know, ready to go. I go to bed thinking ‘cant wait for the next day’.

It’s an interesting analogy but I look at myself like a footy player or a hockey player that gets hip-jacked…but I never get thrown off course.

So I’m either going through you or under you – you’re not going to stop me. There are days that you absolutely get shat on every day. I’ve been shit-bagging it 24/7 but it doesn’t stop me. I continue to move forward because if I stop, I lose – in my way right, I’m not saying for you, I’m saying for me.

If somebody says something or somebody knocks me out of my shoes, and I stop… I’ve lost.

And so, at all costs, no matter how big the hit that comes I’ve got to keep moving.

I’ve got to keep moving because failure is only failure if you stop. Failure is not failure if you learn from the lesson, take those learnings and continue to execute beyond, right?

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