You know what’s important: family.

They are the ones that make everything worthwhile.

My wife is is a rockstar and i’m super grateful for her. Her support has allowed me to what I do.

My two daughter, well, they make me laugh. I do anything and everything for them.

I do what I do so I can create a world for my daughters to live and be whoever they want to be. Which is also why I love buying them sneakers (its a problem… boarder line an addiction).

What about you – what’s important to you?


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Enjoy this one

Sim: I feel like if we asked him, he would potentially be able to tell us what most people in this space are wearing on their feet today.

Tobi: Yeah.

Tobi: There’s a couple of guys here, but when you’re talking about my collection versus others, I think I arrival of Footlocker shop in comparison.

Sim: You know how when you have that feeling that you want something, but it’s a different feeling to actually needing something. So with every pair of shoes, he doesn’t want them, he needs them. If he doesn’t get them, he’ll think about it until he goes back and gets them.

Tobi: Well, it’s not that I don’t get them, I say, “No, I don’t need them,” and I’ll walk away and then be like ‘uhhh’. I won’t stress because I’m not a stress head, but I’ll be like, “Nah, I can make room for them.”

Tobi: Even if the eyelets a little bit different to the shoes I’ve already got in my cupboard.

Sim: It’s a sickness. It’s a serious problem.

Tobi: I think it’s a healthy problem.

Sim: It’s a serious problem.

Tobi: Yeah.

Speaker 3: Have you won anything?

Sim: I’m not very competitive. It’s…I have this saying that … What is that saying?

Tobi: It’s my saying, which I think you’re trying to adopt, which is everything adds to 100.

Sim: Yeah, everything adds to 100, right? So I am the least … I’ve never played competitive sport, I’m the least competitive person you’ll ever come across.

Tobi Skovron: So she’s probably 1% competitive., because she has to be something and I’m 99%. But, together we add up to 100. I’m super funny, not so.

Sim: I’m hilarious.

Tobi: But, together we add up to 100.

Tobi: Probably say 70, 30.

Sim: This wasn’t a great weekend for us.

Tobi: Sim was away.

Sim: I was not away, I was here.

Tobi: Oh, that was last weekend. It was a great weekend. It didn’t end well, but it was a great weekend.

Sim: Usually our weekends are … So I hate winter. I have a resting bitch face all through winter. So my winter weekends and my summer weekends are very different. Weekends are a lot of family time.

Tobi: A lot of family time, although, the girls have decided to have social lives.

Sim: The girls have busier social lives than we do, parties, play dates, they sleep over, they get invited away for the weekends.

Speaker 3: So you pretty much chaperon them around..

Sim: Yeah. Our kids are much cooler than we are. Which is fine, I have no problem with that.

Tobi: Totally fine.

Sim: I’m fine with that.

Tobi: So Maddie’s seven.

Sim: And a half, she’ll have you say seven and a half, don’t forget half.

Tobi: She wants to come on the vlog, so I’ll get her on the vlog. Diehard Lakers fan, very passionate about the fact that she was born and raised in America, very proud of her LA upbringing. And on the flip side we have Harper who just doesn’t really give a shit about much.

Sim: Madison is a very soulful person. She’s like an old soul in a young body. She’s hilarious, she’s mature, but she’s not obnoxious and not precocious. She’s just a great kid.

Harper is hilarious and an absolute nutcase and a firecracker.

Tobi: Maddie calls her a bull in a China shop.

Sim: They’re both gorgeous. They’re very, very different.

Tobi: Totally.

Sim: Ones me, ones him.

Tobi: One looks like me, acts like her, the other one looks like her and acts like me.

Sim: I’m trying to figure out who’s who.

Tobi: We’ll leave that for you guys to decide.

Sim: That was her Hebrew teacher, Madison’s Hebrew teacher. He rang and said, “I just wanted to let you know that in class today I asked her why she hadn’t done her homework and she looked at me and she goes, because I can’t be stuffed.” She said it, I was laughing because I just thought it was so cute. I just wanted to let you know.

Tobi: Did you capture that?

Sim: Did he hear that?

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Sim: Oh shit.

Tobi: That’s amazing.

Sim: I said, if nothing else, she’s got amazing self awareness and she was laughing. She’s like, “I love that she actually just said, it’s not even hard. I just can’t be stuffed. And sometimes I tell my mom that it’s hard, but it’s just because I can’t be stuffed.”

Tobi: Can’t be stuffed.

Sim: Yeah. She knows what she wants.

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