Fitness + Health is a core foundation to success.

I originally found out about OrangeTheoryFitness in Los Angeles. OTF is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out.

Being a time-poor person, I have 1001 items to get through the day. Health is an important factor in contributing to my goals-setting, which is why having OrangeTheory helps me with:

🍊 Accountability

🍊 Performance data and report (keeping track of my metrics and progress)

🍊 Unique daily workouts

🍊 increase energy level (preparing for an intense day)

OrangeTheory literally changed my life that when it was time to come back home to Melbourne I asked Paul, Brendan & Rhys if they’d team up with me and my team at CreativeCubesCo to bring this to Melbourne.

We currently have 3 studios open

🍊 Hawthorn (Inside of CreativeCubes.Co)

🍊 South Yarra (next to the Jam Factory)

🍊 Melbourne CBD

Are you hitting the gym & your goals?

Comment below and i’ll hook you up with a free session at OrangeTheory.

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