We have been heads down the last few years and while we are super proud of what we have executed to date it is often hard to see it from the “outside”

On today’s vlog, Gav reflects

Enjoy this one 🙂


Well, when we walked into this side. It was obviously taken up by another tenant. And it was fluorescent lighting, a lot of open plan desk, a lot of executive offices as well and it was hard to picture what it is today.

The reason why we chose this particular building is because of the beautiful natural light and that was quite apparent when we moved in. So we’ve got a massive atrium in the middle, which provides us an abundance of light right through the guts of the space, and four sides of windows as well. And having natural light in our business is actually one of the key components what makes CreativeCubes.Co really successful. For example in average space, we’ve got beautiful windows lining up two sides of the building. In Hawthorne we’ve got a massive window right at the front, covering the cafe and event space and then we built Scott lots throughout the guts of the space. And in South Melbourne now we’ve got four sides of windows and a large Atrium.

The reason why I enjoy taking tours, one of the reasons anyway, is because I get to see everyone’s reactions when they first hit the site. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the journey from before we moved in to where it is today. So, I haven’t lost perspective at all but because I’ve been part of the journey. What we say right now doesn’t hit me in the face anymore because I’ve seen it grow up. But however taking people on a tour, I get to see their first reactions as soon as they enter the site and it’s really exciting because it’s the only exit from the lifts and a big smile on the face of actually literally had some tools where they’ve sworn under their breath. As soon as they’ve exited the lift going, what is this, which is pretty cool to say. And everyone gravitates towards the center of the space which is where the natural lot is. So when we take somebody through on a tour we always start with the event space because that provides a great, great intro into the whole floor and into South Melbourne property. The event space has cornered views right up to Westgate bridge and to South Bank. And we see everything rolling through, including the weather, freeway, which doesn’t sound exciting but when you say just the cars, having left and right, it actually adds a really cool perspective to the day. And then it’s really beautiful buildings as well as Melvin. As we move from the event space we always stop at the cafe so we have a barista point and grab and go food that we will be servicing our members with, and the cafe is a central point where people can meet their family members their potential customers, the guests the clients, and it’s also a great way, where you can just sit down with the team and have a coffee and have a really great informal chat. And then, literally be on the cafe, we’ve got a internal forest. And people utilize this for a number of different ways so when you sort of have all that. As soon as you exit a lift and it’s just right in front of your face. You can sort of imagine what people their sensory evolution that people go through as soon as they experience it.

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