I personally think he should have moved the car… what do you think?

Dean joined us at CreativeCubes.Co at the beginning of 2019 after 8 years working at Qantas as part of the Qantas Club member experience team.

Its incredible to have such a talented person on our team and he brings a lot of value, knowledge & ideas to CreativeCubes.Co

Hear direct from him about his personal daily experiences

Enjoy this vlog 🙂


Dean: Yo. What’s up?

Speaker 2: Dean, what’s the Happiness Team?

Dean Lakatos:  The Happiness Team… We’re on-site concierges for the space. We look after all our members, look after tech, the day-to-day running of the space.

What attracted me to join CreativeCubes was just environment. It was real different. I was from a corporate position. I was there for eight and a half years and it was just- I made the change, and it looked real vibrant and I just wanted to become part of it.

Members and the real community side of it. I was just lacking corporate, real in-work environment. There’s more community. Everyone’s engaging more than I would ever expected.

All the members, everyone gets along. It’s just like a big family here sometimes. Catch up for drinks on Friday and everyone gets along. It’s always such a happy place to be at.

I’ve been asked to move a Ferrari before, off the street.

Speaker 2:  Can you tell me about the Ferrari story?

Dean Lakatos:  One of our members didn’t want to get a parking ticket, so they came in and said, “Would you like to move it?”

Speaker 2: Did you end up moving it?

Dean Lakatos: No. I wouldn’t trust myself.

Awesome things… Probably when we have drinks on a Friday, that’s pretty awesome. It’s fun just to relax. On a Monday, it’s like you never know what you’re going to get. Some days, you might walk in, there might be 100 people in event space. Other days, it might just be more chilled atmosphere. But you’re always interested to know what people are going to do.

It’s great. They’re real supportive. They’re sort of just like another teammate. It’s not really like, we don’t see them as leadership in us. Everyone’s in the same bucket together here, just trying to move forward.

The people and the community is definitely the game changer. A building’s a building. You can have a fancy building, but it’s really about the people here.

Here, we know our members’ birthdays… They’re just our friends too.

Everyone talks about what’s going on in their life. Everyone shares a lot. It’s like your friends. It’s not really like you’re at work with someone, it’s just a massive social gathering too.

It’s definitely meaningful because you’re helping them grow. You’re just there every step of the way with them, as well. Like you say, there are companies like a small company startup just growing into something bigger, and you’ve sort of been there from day one.

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