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In full transparency (I don’t know how to do it any other way) I feel super grateful to be able to serve the hundreds of companies that call CreativeCubes.Co home


I’m honoured DAILY by the talent we have on the team who serve the incredible community and businesses on our properties.

Shannelle joined Cubes several months back having had a background in the flexible office sector. She leads our Hawthorn property, is a bright star and i’m grateful she’s here.

Hear her story


Shannelle: Yeah, I think I have been in the similar industries for the last couple of years and I always had CreativeCubes at the forefront of my brain because anytime I was on social media, I would see them pop up.

They do great at that and I always wanted to see what it was about. As soon as I came in to have a look at the space I was sold on it, met everyone and yeah, moved in the next week.

Well, the first thing is that they are just great at targeting ads.

The second thing is that their online presence is so great and because I worked in similar industries and competitors as well, I would see that CreativeCubes was always in conversation and members were always talking about how great it was.

Yeah, I think CreativeCubes, what we do so well here is that we really are like an extension of every team we have here and every company we have here, but also they are an extension of our team. So it’s not just one way, it’s both ways with the companies that are here and CreativeCubes team, they all combine.

Yeah, I think it’s a mix between, it has to be natural and it has to be organic. So the relationships that I make with members and then the relationships that they make back with me, it has to start out being organic.

It can’t be pushed or shoved in any way, and as soon as you find the right people to run a space, you find that comes naturally, so you make those connections naturally. And then once you have that personal relationship with someone, I feel that’s when that professional relationship develops as well because unless you feel comfortable around someone and you feel like they’re your friend, that’s when you want to work with them.

That’s when you want to collaborate and curate with each other. I think you build relationships on trust when you build relationships with your everyday interactions with people and if it’s consistent and it’s real and it’s genuine, it just happens.

I feel like I can always, when you have a real interaction with someone, you can tell versus when it’s just like a robot face, and I think that’s another thing that we do really well here is that we are people that want to know how your day is. We’re not just saying it because it brings in a paycheque.

Yeah, I think the culture of CreativeCubes is like, it’s just so fun and so supportive and we have people like Shadae, our HR, and she… They’re just people that genuinely want you to be the best version of yourself every day. And so when you have someone like that that’s making you feel like, I want you to be the best version yourself for yourself, for me secondly, as the HR manager, but when they want you to just be the best version of yourself for you, you want to be that person and you want to do better for the company and you want to do better for yourself as well.

So cultural wise, that’s just a really great thing that I’ve never really seen before in a business. You’ll find that people want something from you because they get something in return, but here at CreativeCubes, they just want you to be the best version of yourself.

I think I want them to feel like it’s their first day of school, but that they’re really excited about the first day of school because I find that a lot of people when they first come into a shared workspace, it is daunting, but if we can make that first encounter a great encounter, they’re going to feel excited and like, yeah, it’s like a fun first day of school kind of thing.

I love the team that I work with. I love Dean, I love Shadae, I love everyone that is within CreativeCubes, but then more so, I just love, as I was saying, the members because I feel like I’m an extension of them. I feel like I’m part of each individual business.

So not only am I a manager of CreativeCubes, I’m like an office manager of this company and I’m a HR for this company. I feel like I find myself in each different business and that’s fun.

My favourite part of CreativeCubes is everyone that’s surrounding me. I find that that’s every day, that’s what makes me most happy and the dogs. Yeah, everyone’s dogs, everyone’s pets.

Speaker 2:        How do you build good relationships?

Shannelle:        Free coffees for everyone…!


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