Meet Joanne van Ravenswaaij from Into The Zone

Joanne sat down with Claire to discuss performing at a level that leaves most people for dead. The pro’s the con’s and the hard slog.

We’re all focused on the days when everything ‘clicks’ into place, work is effortless and stress-free, and time flies? I love this because you’ve entered a state that athletes call “The Zone”! Getting into this state is a skill (and it can be learnt).

For the last 10 years Joanne has helped high-functioning people learn how to perform better, effortlessly and without stress. By getting into the Zone and it typically takes between 3-5 weeks.

Joanne works with executives, professionals and students.

Thousands of people have used this innovative and proven method to transform how they feel as they work, study and live, and find energy, happiness and effortless, sustainable high performance.

I hope todays vlog helps you or at least exposes you to possibilities.

Enjoy 🙂

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