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If you didn’t know, Kobe Bryant visited Melbourne and I genuinely don’t know how this all happened but I was one of the lucky few that got to spend a little bit of time meeting him.

As you may know I spent nearly 9 years living in Los Angeles. I never missed a Lakers game (on the road or at home, even today) and probably racked up tens of thousands of dollars in tickets of the years.

I knew Kobe, I saw him 4-5 times a week on TV or in person… but this experience of being 1:1 (ok, so maybe Sim and I together so not truely 1:1) the game changed. The insights, the learnings, the understanding, the depth was all beyond next level.

Its taken me a week to digest everything and this vlog only covers three key points that I have instantly applied to my day to day hustle.

I hope you find some value in this, let me know in the comment section your thoughts or if you have any questions… i’m still trying to digest everything and will likely post a couple more vlogs on this to help get the message out.

To Chris and his world-class, softly spoken, humble team… THANK YOU!


It’s been hard to digest everything at once, here is another reflection on that night

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