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Hear from Tim & Jessica from LBD Studio. We are honoured and proud to be able to serve them daily out of our Hawthorn community.

Most recently they helped Omar rebrand on one of his side hustles and all in all they’re winning new business and opportunities because of the quality of their work and the way they go about their business.

Enjoy todays vlog 🙂


Tim Longmore:             Yeah, I’m Tim from LBD Studios. We’re a brand and design agency based out of Creative Cubes here in Hawthorn.

Jessica L.:                      Hi, I’m Jess. I’m also part of LBD Studios and I’m the creative director.

Tim Longmore:             So what we do at LBD Studios is effectively we help our clients tell their stories. So, from brand, digital, print, social media, anything your brand’s doing, we want to get involved and really help them amplify what they’re doing to be more effective.

Jessica L.:                      It was actually Tim’s dad who sent us a link and said, “Hey, you should check these guys out.” It had kind of been a discussion that Tim and I have been having or tossing about between and something I’ve always thought about in the four years that I’ve been doing this. But…

Tim Longmore:             We’re working from home and we’ve got a two year old son, Smith. I was watching The Wiggles looking after him and Jess is trying to do design work and-

Jessica L.:                      It just wasn’t working.

Tim Longmore:             And I said, “That’s enough. We’re going to check our CreativeCubes.” And the moment we walked in we met Lyndon and he took us around. He was one of the most friendly people and after the tour, we didn’t tell him this at the time, we’re just like, “We’re in.” I’ll send you an email, send me an email.

Jessica L.:                      Come back tomorrow. What can we do?

Tim Longmore:             Send you an email. Anyway, we come back the next morning. It’s like, “Sorry, I’ve been flat out with the team.” I said, “Don’t worry, we’re in.” And I think the reason we like Creative Cubes is that it relates to how we like to do business. We’ve been involved previously in other business ventures where it’s expensive to get a lease, you’ve got fit out costs, you’ve got all this, and you can’t really copy what CreativeCubes have done here. The community, the experience, the moment you walk in.

Tim Longmore:             Clients enjoyed being here and we’ve really experienced a lot of significant business growth since being part of the team. And we enjoy coming to work. I think having that, at a human level, we all want to be connected and I think that’s what this place offers. Everyone’s really friendly. We have met and done work with some of the members in Creative Cubes as well, so that’s been an added bonus.

Jessica L.:                      We would come up against… We have a lot of clients, so when people come to us and ask us to copy another brand or what they do or what they’ve seen in the marketplace, and we kind of always advise not to do that. Because I think every brand and every brand story has its own unique fingerprint or way of portraying. You don’t need to copy what other brands are doing.