NOGO Sauces 🥫

A personal story: From 2016-2019 I had 4 kidney surgeries to remove insanely large kidney stones that continued to reoccur.

After these crazy painful operations I did a full 180 on my food which has resulted in being stone free 🙏

I am the type of person that eats purely to live (i’m not a foodie) – eating is kind of like a pit stop on the race track or a speed bump on the road forcing me over. HOWEVER given the surgeries i’ve placed more focus on it since 2019 and I have to say (operations to one side) its helped me mentally and physically across the board (why didn’t I do this earlier 🤷‍♂️).

On the vlog today we’re going to hear from Meaghan and the power she’s delivering to her clients AUS wide with her biz NOGO Sauces

Enjoy todays vlog

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