I can’t change the world on my own but I can lead by example and hope that it becomes contagious and others follow my lead.

We’re making incredible impact within the community at CreativeCubes.Co but this is all a path that has been carved out by values.

Raised by an incredible mum & growing up with two amazing sister, marrying Sim and doubling down on another great mum (mother in law) and two sister in laws only to then double it again with two young daughters of my own the values I learned early on in life really just compounded with each of my awesome (all female) family members.

My highest goals are freedom & safety for them and the awesome and diverse world we live in today.

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Now you’ve learned the value of a dollar. Don’t fuck it up. Right?

We’ve been going, I’ve been going since 4:44.

I pick James up at 6:00 and we’d been at it. So 11:30 and we’re on our way to One Roof.

So it’s a co-working space for people that had businesses that are led from and majority owned by women. And why I love that for two reasons.

I think Sheree is a super talented person that’s for starters, but actually got raised by a single mom. My father passed when I was 16. He got sick when I was 14. Passed when I was 16 and I grew up in an all girl house.

So I have beautiful mom and two awesome sisters. They are the leaders for me when it comes to the family, my two sisters and my mom lead. Then I met Simone and Simone also has two sisters and a beautiful mom and an awesome dad – Jack – who can’t help himself to participate in most of my ventures, which I’m super grateful for. And he really is the father figure in my life.

And now I’ve got two girls, Madison and Harper, and Simi obviously. So I’m still at in an all girl home. And so for me, they’re like all the girls in my life, whether it’s my mum, my sisters, my sister-in-laws, my wife, my kids. They’re the absolute queens or princesses of my world. I’m hoping that my girls grow up in an environment that they feel empowered to be able to do whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want, however they want with no attitude, and there’s no discrimination for anything.

I don’t look at men versus women. I look at best, best in category. Coincidentally, I think I had the best Mum and I think I have the best sisters. And so all of that is great when it comes to leadership.

And for my daughters, I want them to be able to be free. My motivation is freedom. And so in order to be free, I have to have a lot of money, but I’m not motivated by money. I’m motivated by freedom and I want my kids to be free. I have this crazy idea, qualify this as crazy.

I want my daughter to come to me when she’s ready to leave home and I’ve told it she can’t leave home because no one’s going to love her like dad’s going to love her. And until someone is going to take those shoes like coming at her. Right? But I’ve got this crazy dream that she goes, “Hey dad, it’s time for me to leave home. I want to get my own apartment.” I’m like, “Cool. I found this amazing apartment,” which I coincidentally own. I stage it, I get the landlord, I get the agent to kind of like, “Yeah, well we’ll have to get your application through and see if the landlord is going to accept you.”

Like fully dramatise like Hollywood production. She gets the apartment, 700 bucks a week. I’m making this up. 700 bucks a week. She pays her rent every week, every now and again and I go, “I’ll pay your rent this week.” Right? And then hopefully she falls in love. Maybe. I don’t know if I want that. Yeah, no, I definitely want that. I think at that time it’d be like, hurry up and get out of here. All right. She falls in love, she gets married and then I give her as her wedding I go, “Hey, you remember those $700 a week paychecks that were kind of going into your rent?”

“Well, I own the apartment, so it’s yours and all that money in rent is all yours, but now you’ve learned the value of a dollar. Don’t fuck it up.” Right? And so I give her that as a gift and all the rest, that’s my out there dream. Call me crazy, and I want her to have freedom, but I don’t want her to be spoiled.

I want her to understand the value of a dollar and I want her to go and create her own path. And if she falls over, because she’s absolutely going to fall over, if not once, at least 10 times, then there’s going to be a safety net behind her. But I want to disguise that safety net and I want her to go and do her own thing.

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