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If you don’t know anything about Pause Fest… Where have you been? Here is a great “bring you up to speed” link


Tobi:                 We’ve become quite … We’ve developed quite a reputation here for giving some stuff away. So the two tiers, there’s Explorer and?

George:            A leader.

Tobi:                 A leader, all right. I’ll take five of those and I’ll take five of the others. I’m going to give them away. What I want you to do is actually go to the Pause Fest website. I want you to soak up everything and I want you to comment in the section below what it is you’re specifically desperate to get in front of and we’ll make that happen for 10 people.

Tobi:                 So you’ve got massive partners on board. Google, Amazon, Netflix. And last year added Uber. Super cool.

George:            Yeah.

Tobi:                 So Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook, Spotify, love those guys, great architect firm. Wow. Square Peg Capital, Tech Crunch.

George:            There’s a lot, I just actually was on a phone with someone from 10 Cent wanted to come.

Tobi:                 10 Cent?

George:            Yeah, very executive. Once we started announcing and dropping, a lot more people want to come in.

Tobi:                 Yeah, I can see why.

George:            … Come in and just kind of join, but at that point we were just very limited. We just almost pretty much locked everything.

Tobi:                 Will we see Mike Butcher from Tech Crunch?

George:            Of course.

Tobi:                 Yeah? Mike…

George:            Mike is coming.

Tobi:                 Mike was here last year, or he was here last year?

George:            Two years ago.

Tobi:                 Two years ago?

George:            Yeah.

Tobi:                 I caught up with Mike, we stay in touch on Twitter. I’ll leave the details below. You should call him, a great reporter for Tech Crunch. Mate, this is super exciting. So now we’ve got you really excited, how much are tickets?

George:            It depends how you want to engage. We’ve developed the ticketing based on behaviours rather than consuming the event. So if you’re a startup and have an idea, want to commercialise it, get attraction, meet all these people that you need to meet, you need to apply and we need to see whether you have it.

Tobi:                 You’re legit.

George:            You’re legit.

Tobi:                 Well, you’re definitely around legit people. So I like that as a criteria set.

George:            Yes, and so because of that and us understanding the market here in Australia, we set that price very low so people can afford, that starts at $95. For everyone else that’s working and wants to build their career and their business, the tickets right now are 795 and 995.

Tobi:                 Not $7.95, $795.

George:            $795 and $995, that’s until 21st of November, midnight. That’s early bird.

Tobi:                 Okay, so you’ve got a week.

George:            You’ve got a week, and then they go jumps for $200 more. It’s full price.

Tobi:                 So $900 and $1200?

George:            Yep.

Tobi:                 Okay.

George:            For that, there is two types. One is Explorer. Explorer is for individuals who, well, want to explore. They’re looking to do personal development, they want to stay up with the trends, they want to learn something, they might be looking for a new job, they are looking for things. And the top ticket, the best ticket, the most popular is leader. The leader is deep engagement, workshops are now part of the leader ticket.

You get to go to some VIP events that we have and you get insights which startups have exhibited and a report at the end of the event.

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