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The truth is; it’s a lot of hard work.

It’s lonely.

It can be dark.

Having personally lived in the eye of the storm, it felt like I was on my own – which inspired me to build CreativeCubes.Co

@Cubes, we understand your hunger and drive. We are built for the people and the companies they work within.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

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Entrepreneurship is not sexy and it’s definitely not cool, right, in reality.

CreativeCubes was born out of experience, right?

CreativeCubes was not there when I needed it as an up and coming entrepreneur. So, CreativeCubes understands people’s hunger, understands their mission and their vision, and understands that they’re trying to propel themselves to a bigger and better place. I think that that success is directly tied to understanding what the people need, right?

So, I’m not delivering and creating for myself, I’m creating for what I wish I had when I’d started out.

The four main pillars in order to deliver an amazing, whatever it is you’re doing, is an amazing space where you connect with like-minded people. That’s what CreativeCubes is.

It’s the fuel that goes into your mouth, which powers your day. That’s why we created Timber+Greens, which is a cafe. They can custom make you anything you want. They do for me – ask for the Tobi special.

We have events. You can hire the event space and then that creates its own buzz. But then we bring in professional athletes, we bring in top CEOs, we bring in keynotes. presenters to get your mind and expand it and take you beyond.

And then there’s wellness. Orange Theory is a huge component to the success that I’ve had as a professional. But I understand that the high intensity Orange Theory has to match the chill and the calm vibe of Rebel Monk, which is our yoga brand and our mindfulness brand.

And so all these things together thrown into the soup to deliver you what we deliver here on the property, and it’s nothing short of amazing. And we’re expecting to be able to replicate this across the country.

Isn’t that life? There’s always obstacles and expectations.

Not in my four walls. But yes, that’s exactly why it is what it is, because there’s been so much push down that I want to fight for the underdog, for the person that’s got that that colour through their heart that others just can’t stand. And I don’t say that vindictively or like arrrgh, you know, in an agro aggressive way. I’m just saying that I want to help people to believe they can do good, and hopefully I can be that platform that they all feel comfortable operating off and feel supported from in order to know to go and execute it, right?

You’ll be after her, so they’ll introduce you.



All right. Thank you.


I love your values and morals and everything. I think it’s amazing.

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it’s…

Entrepreneurship is not sexy and it’s definitely not cool, right, in reality.

It looks like it, maybe if I can say that I look cool, but it’s not. It’s lonely. It’s dark. It’s the whole reason why I created CreativeCubes, right. Because there’s people that have felt the way I feel but have no support around them. And so you can come to my house – CreativeCubes – and hopefully you just rubbing shoulders, grabbing a coffee or a drink of …we have sparkling water on tap – it’s really cool. And you bumped into someone, maybe there’s an opportunity for your service and their needs to merge, and because you’re under the same CreativeCubes roof, you know that these people are safe people.

But, it’s not fun and safe. I legitimately ate cereal for dinner most nights for four years.