I’m pretty excited about this… Rebel Monk launches inside of CreativeCubes.Co in Hawthorn on Nov 7.

As a founder, entrepreneur and someone that always striving for greatness, along the journey I’ve learned that all the success means nothing if you’ve lost yourself.

As a leader of not only CreativeCubes.Co (the company) but also the vibrant and buzzing community that resides within I felt it was my responsibility to provide a space that not only enabled people and their businesses to thrive but also a place they can pull out, self check & take care of their health and mind.

RebelMonk & my investment in Orange Theory Fitness (CBD, Hawthorn, South Yarra + 17 locations slated for Melbourne) is my way of ensuring we have healthy, mindful & wellness temptations within a minute of the hustle & grind of the business that are executing their visions at high velocity at Cubes.

More on RebelMonk: www.rebelmonk.co

Let Go 🚀

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