On todays vlog I caught up with Qivin Tang from Repairy.

Repairy is a new startup here in Melbourne Australia and was built off the dreadful feeling that getting your car serviced is like going to a grocery store

A grocery store sells a vast array of different foods — nuts, vegetables, bread, drinks, dairy products. For every food, you have numerous competing brands — fresh vs. frozen, Nutella vs. Natella. Each store offers a different level of service, and occupies a unique neighborhood. While you know that one store gives you the best value for fresh produce, you go to the store down the street to buy snacks.

Getting your car serviced is like going to the grocery store — except you only go once or twice a year, often purchase something you have never bought before, and don’t feel confident that you understand what food is.

In the automotive repair world, every vehicle requires a different type of service, and every service requires a unique blend of time and skill to complete correctly. You’ll pay a different amount in the city than you will in suburbs (rent costs matter!), and each mechanic chooses to run their business differently. Some offer free light bulbs and expensive diagnostic follow ups; others sell expensive brake jobs and affordable scheduled maintenance. And all the warranties and parts qualities are different!

There is a lot of information to wade through, and that is a big part of how Repairy can help you out.

Check out this vlog and if you’re keen to learn more check out them out @ www.repairy.com.au

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