(The Right) Routine is king in business.

A strong routine streak helps with my decision-making process, especially when sh*t hits the fan.

Here’s what my daily routine is like:

4:44 wake up and start the day

🍊 5:00 head to @OrangeTheory Fitness

💪 6:00 finish workout

💻 6:30 start work at CreativeCube.Co / email time

🤝 8:30 meetings (in this video I’m doing a Q&A session)

🍣 12:00 lunch

🤝 12:30 back @ it

🧒🧒👰 05:00 home time with the kids and fam

Comment below, let us know:

  • What is your daily routine or rituals like?
  • What helps you?


Tobi: So it’s within right. There’s no ways I was developed into this. This is just me embracing who I am.

Tobi: For me it’s just critically important that I maintain my personal routine which is, early in the morning, pitch black and I’m on my way to the gym. I can’t default on that either right.

So if I default and don’t show up to the gym then my work and my output and my clarity is not there.

Quite honestly. Stress management for me is making sure I get my 4 OTF sessions in, walk the dog a couple times a week but its not a stress relief or a stress release, its really just routine, and quite honestly I love living in the ye of the storm where there’s total chaos.

I feel like I’m doing my best work there.

Liz: Movie star!

Tobi: Happy Birthday

Liz: Thank you

Tobi: I’m excited for you. 32.

Liz: Remember 32? 25 years ago.

Tobi: No I do. It was a milestone year for me.

Liz: Really?

Tobi: I sold my business.

Tobi: It’s a really cool story actually. Sold the company. Sim went to Hong Kong with my oldest daughter to visit her sister for the first time. When she was gone, I went and got us a house in Brentwood. So I completely moved everyone… moved us out of the apartment

Liz: Wasn’t it an apartment or townhouse?

Tobi: No an apartment…a three bedroom apartment… moved us out of the apartment and into this house.

Picked her up from the airport 2 weeks later.

We were driving up the 405, and we got to take the 10 west… 10 east… which you keep going the 405 get off at Sunshine.

She’s like “what are we doing?” I was like “I forgot to tell you”… no, no, no… “there’s a house for lease that we’re gonna go have a look at, and the agent was like if you can make it at 3’oclock. I figure its like 2:15 now, I figure rather than going back… then up to, we just go now, sorry.”

Anyway, get there to the driveway, and I go “oh. I lied. Welcome home.” She was like “What the fuck. This is crazy”

Liz: She freaked out.

Tobi: Yeah

Liz: Look at you.

Tobi: And yeah, that was my peak

Liz: 32

Tobi: 32. That was my peak. Seeya guys.

Tobi: Like there’s no ways that I was developed into this. This is just me embracing who I am intrinsically.

My dad was a raging entrepreneur. Sadly for him he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s in the 80s, where there was no education and everyone thought that was cool and fun. Almost like a treat, and was very unhealthy as a result.

But, his entrepreneurial gene… I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Rhodesian ridgeback, it’s a dog. Its this beautiful dog almost that honey in colour and just down its back it has this funky hairline, which is the ridgeback.

Tobi: Right, I feel like that’s a streak, almost like a streak I have within me. Where if there’s this kick… maybe a good kick, maybe a bad kick, depending on who’s watching and what they think.

I’ve embraced that.

I’ve embraced that of me and as a result I’m not really carving the path, I’m just following the path inside and executing.

I sometimes feel robotic and there’s been times I’ve felt dead inside, where I’m just going through the motions, right. But, the reality is I feel like I’m a shining bright light in a very dark world and my goal and my role I believe is to just go and execute it. Just go and deliver because it’s not about me.

I’m here for the people, right.

If you look at any of my businesses, whether that’s PetLoo to Zingy, my dog walking business, to where we are at today with creative cubes. Building out multiple locations across Melbourne today.

But, if you know me we are going to scale nationally if not globally and… but this is not about me. I’m here for the people, right.

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