You can take the boy out of the Pet industry but not the pet industry out of the boy… I spent 16+ years in the pet sector and I’m still heavily invested in Wag! but the majority (99%) of my time is heads down focused on building a world-class community at CreativeCubes.Co and our ecosystem of brands

That said, on todays vlog I caught up with Mike Halligan who’s looking to shake up the traditional dog food sector with his company Scratch.

Scratch takes the retail markup and pumps it into healthier ingredients. One chomp of their high protein kibble and your dog’s old diet will feel like the day after a fast food binge. They know when you need it and deliver it straight to your door – for FREE.

I’m a huge fan of the subscription programs that ecommerce companies have the ability to implement. When I was in Los Angeles I had everything on subscription kids nappies, soaps, gels, milk, staple food items I have in my pantry on the regular, toilet paper and my dogs food. It just takes so much hassle out of the week (especially boring chores).

Check out this vlog – i’m excited to see where Mike takes the company!

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