We are open in South Melbourne. Tours are open for booking & members are joining at a strong rate.

We are right in the heart of South Melbourne. On the same roundabout as the famous South Melbourne Markets. In our building (South Melbourne Central) we have a Woolworths, Goodlife Health Club, Spotlight & on the roof Luminare.

We’ve put our entire heart into this one with amazingly designed workspaces to inspire everybody. Whether you need a desk, private office or a place for your company to call home, our environments increase productivity, innovation & collaboration.

Enjoy todays vlog which is a quick zoom about our South Melbourne space 🙂


Hey guys, welcome to CreativeCubes.Co, South Melbourne

Let me take you on a quick tour. When you enter the lobby, ‘Happiness Team’ is right here to greet you, a bit early this morning. You want to get in before the hustle and bustle actually started. 

Over this part of the property, we actually have all of our meeting rooms. So we have our Centre court meeting room which has a state of the art facilities including screen share and video conferencing. 

Right around the corner here, we have a cluster of other meeting rooms including our very own Chester room which has whiskey cabinets for that extra special meeting. 

This has been a very popular room for us in Hawthorn, our lulu room. So, kind of upped our game here. This is probably my favourite room, to be honest. I just love the colour and detail. 

So, we have two complimentary rooms here. One in blue and one in green. And what’s really cool is that you can oversee the south markets from here. 

It wouldn’t be CreativeCubes.Co without sparkling water on tap. It’s been proven to be very popular. We actually have several of these spread out throughout the property. So help yourself, it’s all complimentary.   

We’re known for spa-like bathrooms and facilities here. South Melbourne’s no different. 

MicDrop has started to prove itself a real swaggery event space. South Melbourne moved up the ante here. 

So, Timber+Greens which is our food and beverage, cafe, coffee, snacks is coming here to South Melbourne which is really exciting and it’s positioned right at the front of the property where we think a lot of people are gonna have a lot of great, not only great coffee but a great time too.  

You might have noticed that the floor is changed. My leadership team and I have been doing walking meetings and we’ve found them to be very effective, So, we put in a really big walking track throughout South Melbourne. 

So, here are all of our dedicated work stations. We actually sit the stands and the reason why we put this in is because I’ve been using a standing desk for last year and I love it. So I wanted all our members to have a standing desk too.  

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