South Melbourne is Coming!

We’re under construction and plan to open in Jan 2020.

We here at CreativeCubes.Co are all about:

– community (people first)

– vibrancy

– colour pop

– love

– pets 🐶 🐩 🐕

– professionalism (built to serve companies of all sizes)

Take that all away and it’s just another construction site / office space /

Enjoy this vlog 🙂


Tobi Skovron:                Three two, one. Whoa. Pretty cool.

Speaker 2:                    You have your own elevator.

Tobi Skovron:                Own elevator to our own floor.

Tobi Skovron:                There’s some really cool offices. I’ll take you through here first. So come check this out. This is front of house where people will come through the elevator onto a wood deck, and this will be the cafe through here.

Tobi Skovron:                And then that will be all opened up so that all the wood there right now is actually just to protect the noise and the dust from going through the property. So the intention is once everything’s built in there, we’ll knock down all these wood and it’ll just open up the space. So this will be timber and greens. You’ll be able to come straight over here on the deck, order a coffee, take a seat, work away in the cafe in a collaborative membership. This deck will be this colour, which is really cool.

Tobi Skovron:                And then through here we’re actually going two floors of trees. Yeah, all through here. And we’re going to call it Creative Park. We have 550 seats here. To put it in perspective, we have about 180 in Hawthorn and Richmond each. So this is three times that. I can’t believe the glass is in, it wasn’t in yesterday.

Tobi Skovron:                So this is really cool. This is a new thing for us. This office and the perimeter offices will actually have half walls and then half glass. So you’ll be able to have your desk tucked away with privacy, but you’ll still be able to see the city and the view and everything that you need to do. You know, you talk about Creative Cubes having so much vibrancy, colour, love, pets. When all of that disappears, you just get another construction site, really. But just watch this space because in a matter of months, this thing is just going to be the talk of the town.

Tobi Skovron:                Yeah. So look at this office. This is a big office. Glass all the way around. Yet, if people are sitting down or even standing, they’ll stand at this level and be able to look straight out. And then through here we’ll have dedicated workstations.

Tobi Skovron:                I think this is going to be the best office in the building, or one of these.

Speaker 2:                    Is this the final location?

Tobi Skovron:                I think this is pretty, pretty special. Yeah. So more offices. This is another big, big unit, and once the blinds go up, there’ll actually be a running track through here. So the running track comes past here. This is a meeting room, but just guys, you’ve got to remember that this plank of wood will be gone and there’s just a void on the other side. So this meeting room is going to be amazing. And then furthermore, I’ve actually run a curtain on the inside of it so you can have it pinned right back and open or…

Tobi Skovron:                Oh shit. I’m about to show some confidential information. This is going to be the yoga studio, which is insane because it’s double walled. Have a look at this. There’s two walls, one on the inside, one on the outside, and the walls themselves are actually double walls. So it’s double, double wall to create this box, which is soundproof. It’s going to be pretty cool.

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