On todays vlog we share a quick update of how things are tracking at our third location, South Melbourne

We are right in the heart of South Melbourne. On the same roundabout as the famous South Melbourne Markets. In our building we have a Woolworths, Goodlife Health Club, Spotlight & on the roof Luminare (yeah we’re in great company here).

Enjoy todays vlog 🙂


George: People want to join.

Tobi: I think we’ve already got a 130 odd desks committed.

George: Yep.

Tobi: It’s just a wild number

So we don’t make any decisions the people tell us where they want us. And there was enough demands coming for this neighbourhood that we started to really look at properties and we’re starting to develop a really nice relationship with the Spotlight group. So we’re really excited about not only this property but other properties we can do with Spotlight. This property is pretty spectacular, huh?

George: Yeah.

Tobi: It’s huge.

George: It’s already got a good fit out, you know, we’re going to make it even better.

Tobi: Yeah.

George: But yeah obviously we’ve got Richmond and Hawthorn. It opens up like the East city.

Tobi: Yup.

George: And just on top of the search query demand, South Melbourne then opens up South Melbourne all the way down there.

Tobi: Yeah.

George: You know what I mean? So it’s a geographic thing

Tobi: Plenty of parking.

George: Yeah.

Tobi: Plenty of amenities. I mean there’s buzzing cafes, you got Woolworths, BWS, we have markets right over the road.

George: Our coffee will be nicer that this one.

Tobi: Of course, best or nothing. We’re really, we’re really excited we’ll probably be ready this side of Christmas.

George: People want to join.

Tobi: I think we’ve already got 130 odd desks committed.

George: Yep.

Tobi: Which is just a wild number, but we have 550 desks, so 550 membership opportunities in this space, so. Before we’ve even gone to market allowing signups.

George: Yeah, exactly. Actually I think our first signup might even move in before Christmas.

Tobi: Right.

George: So that’d be cool. Get them in there first.

Tobi: Yeah.

George: Yeah but otherwise, we’re just planning around people coming in, in January.

Tobi: Yep.

Gawen: Hey guys, it’s Gawen, Creative Cubes. Right now. We are walking through the South Melbourne property.

Talking about some pretty boring stuff to get to the exceptional standard that everyone expects us to be.

In here this is one of our meeting rooms. It doesn’t look like much, but don’t worry everyone, it’s going to be something special as well. For anyone who’s familiar with our meeting rooms now, this will be a flamingo size meeting room, so we’re talking about maybe five people, six people within. Spacious beautiful views of South Melbourne again. Yeah. Can’t wait to see the lot.

All right everyone, this is our events space. It’s a little bit noisy because we are constructing it from scratch, we’re knocking down walls to bring some really really special, to this side of the world.

So our event space, again, will have views of the Bay and then views of the city as well. So for all you Mic drop lovers out there, we’re bringing the mic drop vibe to South Melbourne, with the views to match

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