I met Harli Ames in Los Angeles back in 2011, we both lived in LA at the time and caught up regularly as mates.

Harli moved to LA to pursue his acting career and was slated to be in a block buster movie with Jake Gyllenhaal which was no doubt going to accelerate his opportunities… but what he didn’t realise was he was destine for an even bigger & more fulfilling career using his skills he had developed only applied to a different audience and platform.

It was a dinner we had that planted the idea of a pivot in his head and no more than a few days later Harli was headed in a whole new direction & Kun Communications was born.

Without dropping names his work is seen by the millions through his clients who deliver blockbuster keynotes, massive announcements, product releases and more!

We sat down today to tell his story with an aim to arm you with some awareness of your own skills and if you’re not currently winning then perhaps a step back and re-apply in another direction will set you on the way… just like it did Harli.

Enjoy the vlog 🙂

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