I love spending time with Josh catching up on all the exciting movements going on in the Startup ecosystem.

On todays vlog we discuss:

  • The self driving game & how Toyota is dropping $2.8B to develop self driving in house
  • Softbank are investing in competitors of companies they’ve already invested in
  • Tilter Technology (I like this a lot)
  • Bitcoin enthusiasts are using company internet connections to mine coins – For real?
  • ICO Petro
  • Apple patented designs for a dual screen macbook. The screen is in the place of the keyboard.
  • Android P  is out – has taken hints from the iPhone (messaging, ‘notch support’), but has added something great: removing the ability for apps to use mic/camera in the background.
  • Alexa has been randomly laughing – after you can command: Alexa, Laugh. This is quite scary – but Amazon has promised a fix.

Enjoy the vlog 🙂

Image Sourced At CES 2017 – The Sun UK

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