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This one really touched me. I first came into contact with the team at Tomorrow Man when they pitched at our Richmond MYOB pitch night.

I love good people doing good things, trying to make a positive impact on the world. What I love even more is they’re now based out of CreativeCubes.Co and the energy and excitement that the team brings to the building on a daily basis is fantastic.

Claire sat down to learn more about what Tomorrow Man is doing and how they’re going about making a difference.

The tide is changing for men young and old, and the outdated stereotype is leaving some of our mates, dads, sons, uncles, teammates, workmates and brothers stranded without the tools for a healthy life.

It’s time we got in a room to have a no holds barred conversation about the state of man; face the stats and create room to break the stereotype. Explore how we can look after ourselves, our mates and families better while carving out our own version of the Aussie man.

Enjoy the vlog 🙂

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