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Our CEO Tobi Skovron picks up our members from home and drives them to one of our locations thanks to Outbound’s revolutionary mobility-on-demand service and our Tesla Model Y

On the journey Tobi does a live vlog from the Tesla Model Y highlighting the talent, mission(s) + stories coming from members of our community!

Want to get behind Alex?

Here is your chance to promote your business in 2024 to the ever-growing contingent of the Australian motorsport community through the support of young up and coming go go karter, Alex Ni.

Alex is looking for support to take a step up from Cadet 12 to race in the KA3 Junior Light category where he will be looking to compete in the local rounds of the Australian Karting Championships along with 6 rounds of the Golden Power Series in 2024, and other specific one-off events such as Australasian Kart Titles and the City of Melbourne Titles.

The opportunity for exposure to your company’s brand is HUGE!

Check out Alex’s social media to find out more!

About Outbound:

Outbound’ is a revolutionary mobility-on-demand service, poised to redefine your daily commute to and from CreativeCubes.Co—all at your fingertips.

Exclusive to CreativeCubes.Co Members:

Members gain exclusive access to utilise the vehicle for both business and leisure purposes.

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Choose the convenience of hourly or daily rentals tailored to suit your needs.

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