Workplace wellness and achieving a sense of happiness at work is prevalent now more than ever. The last two years have highlighted to employers that emotional and cognitive health is just as important as physical health. As we return to the office, the importance of creating a workplace that supports a happy and thriving team is key.

Design is the foundation

With the physical design having a direct influence on how individuals feel in a space, it’s important to consider an environment that accommodates the different personalities, work styles and needs of its employees.

Scale, density, lighting, colour, and an understanding of employees’ work styles are the foundations of creating a conducive workspace for well-being. An office environment should have a mix of functional clusters and open, collaborative workspaces with quiet corners, private rooms and designated areas of respite.

Our workspaces within CreativeCubes.Co have been designed with an understanding of varying needs, allowing flexibility and different work styles to flourish and significantly boost mental and emotional well-being.

Nature to nurture

Studies have shown that individuals who work in spaces with natural features reported 15% higher levels of overall wellbeing. Based on a theory otherwise known as biophilia, it’s suggested humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature.
To positively impact the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of our members, we’ve brought the biophilic concept to life through the greenery, natural light as well as selecting finishes that replicate things in nature.

People are the centre

At the centre of every business is its people and an organisation’s people are its biggest investment. Research has demonstrated that without adequate face-to-face interactions, there is a significant decline in wellbeing.

CreativeCubes.Co sees work as a relationship that thrives on intimate and frequent connections. This intimacy is built through the serendipity of conversations had, while going about our day’s work. With an already made community in a shared physical space, connections are always being made promoting a positive, collaborative culture and reinforcing wellness and happiness in the workplace.

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Together Apart

We are the Together Apart (TA), based in regional Victoria.

We have more than 50 years of experience of connecting people through collaboration, to solve real business problems and create space for the conversations that need to happen.

When we talk about our work, it feels important to mention how we came to be – as this reveals our collective magic – the power of the three of us together as well as the way we approach our work.

We’ve been working as a trio for over a decade designing, facilitating and delivering conferences, workshops, seminars, board meetings, summits, end of year functions, kick-offs, and key note addresses for big consulting houses. They use the MG Taylor approach and we are fully fledged Practitioners – this is a collaboration methodology to “accelerated solutions” to complex business problems.

We’ve worked as part of global teams from Barcelona to Toronto, Wellington to Hong Kong, London to Mumbai. We hold a collaborative, transparent and inclusive approach at the heart of all the work we do, and our mission of “working with good people doing great stuff” remains our compass in all endeavours.

It’s important to make clear at TA facilitation is not only “front of the room” it’s also:

  • our sponsor process with clients to co-design the workshops
  • the way we manage content before, during and after a workshop
  • how we set intentional workspaces whether virtual or physical environments
  • the way in which we communicate activities by creating the space and opportunities for all types of people to participate and comfortably contribute
  • the experiential journey we take our participants on
  • and very importantly our graphical offerings – whether that’s painted murals in offices, large scale whiteboard artworks, live graphic recordings, animations and video work, illustration, graphic design services and virtual environments

While we started as a purely virtual offering for our clients, we now sit in the space of creating whatever is needed – virtual, in-person and hybrid. We do it all.

For example, this past week we’ve delivered an in-person event in for a startup designing their strategic objectives for the year and Facilitated a workshop virtually for the Dusseldorp Foundation.

Ainsley, our facilitator, will be permanently based at Creative Cubes sitting in the cafe at South Melbourne currently. Please feel free to drop by and say hi. Stop and have a chat if you feel we can support your business to move forward. Or email her to set up a meeting time. We are excited to support any of your business needs if we can.

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