Introducing Eve!

Get to know our newest member of the Memberships Team at CreativeCubes.Co!

Hello everyone!
My name is Eve and I am super excited to have recently joined the memberships team at CreativeCubes.Co.
I have grown up in Melbourne alongside a second home in Ocean Grove, where I have developed a love for all things surf, sun and sand!
Some of my other interests include netball, traveling, dancing and spending quality time with friends and family!
I’d love to have a chat with everyone, so please come say hey!
Say HI on Slack!


Keeping your team fuelled and on a roll during meetings.

We’ve got something for everyone. From sweet tooth to savory, vego to vegan – we’ve hunted, gathered and curated only the best for all your morning, afternoon and lunch needs.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself here!

Mouth watering? Submitting an order is easy! All you need to do is choose your selections, let us know quantities, serving times, any dietary requirements and enter your credit card details for payment.

Don’t lettuce disappoint you. To ensure we can fulfil your order, please submit your selections 2 business days in advance of your meeting date.

Order Catering

Coffee lovers, you’re not forgotten… we have something for you too.

UNLIMITED barista made coffee for a monthly cost of $88.

Let’s break down the maths…

Frothing over one flat white per day = CYA $84 per month

Black bean juice to ease yourself into each morning followed by a kick up the A after lunch in the form of yet another, perhaps stronger coffee = BYYYEE $168 per month

Roasting yourself with 3 coffees a day (you ok?) = CIAO $252 per month on liquidated beans


Endless cups of that sweet, sweet nectar made juuuuust the way you like it = $88 per month. HELLLURRR savings

Don’t be shy… scan the QR code and get hooked up with the goods!

Get Your Exclusive Member Perks!

Time to take a blissful reprieve from reality Cubers, we’re here to perk you up!

Introducing CreativeCubes.Co’s Members Perks Program!

Now, we’re not talking bean bag chairs, barista made coffee or Friday happy hours… Though those perks are welcomed, we’re talking real deals that’ll benefit your life and business, all from within the CreativeCubes.Co community.

We’ve got you covered from discounted gym memberships to free digital consultations. Run, don’t walk, to snap up some sweet, sweet deals from fellow Cubers.

P.S. Fancy getting perky with us? Submit your offer here and share the love.

Check It Out

What’s On Inside The Cube

You know the drill! Check out the members portal to find all our must-attend events for August. We’ve got something for everyone… from posture correction to Cocktails & Cubes. Mark your calendars Cubers!

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Sustainability Spotlight

CreativeCubes.Co & Upparel talking textile waste for the benefit of the next generation.

Upparel are closing the loop and have made it possible for you to send your clothes back for resuse and recyclying. Plus, they’re rewarding you for doing so.

Textile waste needs radical intervention now. We need to dramatically extend product life and stop textiles from going to landfill. We need to move mountains, not make more. That’s why we’re stepping up and leading the change for future generations. Upparel started with socks, now they’re upcycling all sorts of textiles into quality, useful products and supporting organisations and charities on their journey to sustainability and circularity.

Exclusive to Cubers, Upparel will collect 10kg of your old, unwanted clothing collected for just $20 and receive it all back with Upparel store credit.

Claim this offer below by entering the password cubes.

*Store credit valid for your first collection only. Limit 1 per transaction

Member Spotlight

JTB_Full Service Digital Agency

Established in 2003 from humble beginnings, Jeremy Bogdanowicz has developed his team of two into a finely-tuned, multi-award-winning agency that has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world. Crafted from dedicated strategists, designers, developers, project managers, and digital marketers, this qualified quintet of expertise has been reinventing what was once considered the digital marketing norm and has become the benchmark for the competition.

This formidable, five-pronged approach has allowed the agency to rub shoulders with the United Nations, Ford, Bendigo Bank, and RMIT University. Subsequently, JTB Studios has a well-esteemed history of understanding a company’s goals, values, and needs, as well as the ability to transform them into something beyond what they ever believed was possible.

The team at JTB doesn’t wait to be told what to do – it’s constantly planning, strategising, developing, analysing, and implementing your dream for you.

So, where to from here?

Drop them line at or come and grab one of their team members for a casual chat to see what they can do to help with your latest project!

Stay safe, Cubers!

Meet the new faces in our spaces!

DJB Food Group

DJB Food Group works with various Food Industry sectors, including but not limited to;

Start ups and early stage food and beverage brands.
Individuals wishing to turn a thought bubble into reality.
Established food & beverage brands looking for domestic or international growth.
Distribution companies looking to add additional value to their brands.
Hospitality & Food Service Businesses looking to create that point of difference and drive growth.
Retail businesses looking to innovate and create step change.

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NationBuilder is a mission-driven software company founded on the belief that solving humanity’s unprecedented challenges will occur only with the participation and leadership of millions of citizens around the world. NationBuilder creates the technological infrastructure to make that participation and leadership possible at scale—to, in the words of founder Jim Gilliam, democratize democracy—by enabling anyone to easily mobilize their community and lead them to action.

Learn More

Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia
South Melbourne

A new way for Australians to say 'Welcome!'
Australia has a proud tradition of offering refugees the chance to rebuild their lives in safety throughout their resettlement.

Community sponsorship of refugees is a way to unlock the goodwill of ordinary Australians to help refugees successfully settle and integrate into their new local communities and supplement the government-led resettlement program.

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South Melbourne

We help the worlds leading media & entertainment businesses Automate, Engage, and Succeed.
The media landscape is changing faster and more dramatically than ever before. Audata helps media businesses not just survive, but thrive, in the data-driven era.

Learn More

Veritas Digital
South Melbourne

VERITAS is a full-service digital marketing agency in Australia providing a wide range of digital media marketing solutions to help businesses grow.

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